NANOMATERIALS From Research to Applications

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MATERIALS SCIENCE 9788131216682 Hideo Hosono, Yoshinao Mishima, Hideo Takezoe, Kenneth J.D. MacKenzie Capital Publishing Company 474 NANOMATERIALS From Research to Applications 2008 Rs. 1995/-
Author: Hideo Hosono, Yoshinao Mishima, Hideo Takezoe, Kenneth J.D. MacKenzie
Description: This book introduces up-dated efforts on nano-materials research on ceramics, polymers and metals/intermetallics with strong intentions toward practical applications. The works presented herein are the fruits of the 21st Century COE five-year program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Japanese Government awarded to four materials-related Departments at the Graduated School of Tokyo Institute of Technology; Twelve artides covering hot topics such as transparent semiconductors, thermoelectric materials and flexible electronic devices are arranged in four chapters; Reyolutional Functional Oxides, State-ofthe Art Polymers, Nanostructure Design for New Functions, and Nanostructure Architecture for Engineering Applications. All deal with innovation of revolutional materials and/or with breakthrough in properties of existing materials by nano-technologies together with a background review on each area and a prospect for application.
Table of Content: Part I Revolutional Oxides * Function Cultivation in Transparent Oxides Utilizing Natural and Artificial Nanostructures The Role of Lattice Defects in Oxides * Size Effect of Ferroelectric and High Permittivity Thin Films * Part II State-of-the-Art Polymers * Photonic Devices using Liquid Crystal Nanostructures Nanocylinder Array Structures in Block CopolymerThin Films * Nano-Size Charge Inhomogeneity in Organic Metals * Part III Nanostructure Design for New Functions * Size Control of Nanostructures by Quantum Confinement * Grain Boundary Dynamics in Ceramics Superplasticity Nanostructure Control for High-strength and Highductility Aluminum Alloys Part IV Nanostructure Architecture for Engineering Applications * Nanoporous Materials from Mineral andOrganic Templates Enhancement of Thermoelectric Figure of Merit through Nanostructural Control on Intermetallic Semiconductors toward High-temperature Applications * Smart Coatings - Multilayered and Multifunctional in-situ Ultrahigh-temperature Coatings * Introduction * Summary * References * Index

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