PHOTOSYNTHESIS Regulation Under Varying Light Regimes

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BOTANY 8120416295 Dr. V. S. Rama Das Oxford & IBH Publications exclusively distributed by us only for SAARC Countries. 184 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Regulation Under Varying Light Regimes 2004 Rs.895/-
Author: Dr. V. S. Rama Das
Description: The book presents a critical analysis of the strategies and mechanisms which regulate plant photosynthetic performance according to the varying natural light intensity. Photoinhibition of photosynthesis, the degradation of photosystem II subunits and the repair cycle are highlighted. Strategies of photoprotection for mitigation of excess light energy and photosynthetic acclimation to altered light levels are discussed. The light avoidance phenonena and the maximization of light harvesting through, laminar heliotropism and by chloroplast movements are emphasized. Some future lines of work and the use of transgenics and biotechnological methods in this area of photosynthesis research are indicated. The book will serve as a ready reference source for teachers and research students in the fields of plant physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and agricultural science related to photosynthesis.
Table of Content: •Light Interception : Basics and Structural Aspects •Photoinhibition •Photoprotection •Leaf Heliotropism, Solar Tracking and Regulation of Light Intercepiton •Acclimation of Photosynthesis to Light Environment •Transgenic and Biotechnological Approaches •Concluding Remarks

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