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WATER RESOURCES 8185589445 Dr. N.C. Ghosh, Dr. K.D. Sharma Capital Publishing Company 612 GROUNDWATER MODELLING AND MANAGEMENT 2006 Rs.2095/-
Author: Dr. N.C. Ghosh, Dr. K.D. Sharma
Description: Modelling and Management are IWO terminologies where kirmer is one of the tools for the latter. Modelling deals with transformation ofscience into computational framework for assessment of resource potential and prediction of future scenario, while Management is the use of the tools for making decisions. Groundwater experts in India acquired substantial knowledge on modelling and management of complex groundwater systems. The idea, therefore, emerged - why not endeavour to share their experiences in a book This book consists of twenty-five independent chapters along with glossary of 223 groundwater and modelling terminologies, and tables giving values of frequently used parameters and characteristics -a rare match, if compared with other books. The chapters have been designed to cover various aspects of groundwater, which include: issues, physical processes, parameter estimation, modelling concept and approach, pollution axsessment and transport modelling, freshwater and salt-water interface modelling, case studies, etc. The contribution of articles is arranged into following five Sections: (a) issues, basics, and data requirement & processing; (b) groundwater modelling and management in porous aquifers; (c) hydrogeology of fractured rocks and fractured flow modelling; (d) groundwa er pollution and contaminant transport modelling, and (e) freshwater-saltwater interaction in coastal aquifers and management. One of the main emphases t of the book is the hard rocks hydrogeology and modeling, a challenging area for future research. Iris anticipated that this book will be one of its kind to provide all scientific and technical derails about groundwater and its movement in aquifer medium. The book is more like a reference book and will be useful for students, teachers, researchers, and practicing hydrologists.
Table of Content: Section A: Groundwater: Issues, Basics and Data Processing* Groundwater Modelling and Management: Issues and Scope - Kapil D.Sharma and Narayan C. Ghosh* Development and Management of Groundwater Resources of India: An Overview -D.K.Chadha * Basics of Groundwater - G.C.Mishra Hydrogeological Characteristics of Aquifers and Measurement Techniques - D.C.Singhal Data Requirement and Data Management in Groundwater Modelling - Anupma Sharma and Mathew K. Jose Analysis and Processing of Hydrogeological Data for Groundwater Management -Sudhir Kumar * Estimation of Recharge to Groundwater Using Isotope Traces - Bhishm Kumar * Section B: Groundwater Modelling and Management in Porous Aquifers Groundwater Flow Models: An Overview - C.P. Kumar * Modelling Groundwater Recharge Processes - S.K.Sondhi and M.P.Kaushal *Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in a Canal Command -Manmohm K. God l and Sharad K. Jain *Groundwater Modelling: Flow and Mass Transport Model Case Studies - V.V.S. Gurunadha Rao * Groundwater Modelling: Case Studies - K.Sridharan Section C: Hydrogeology of Fractured Rocks and Fracture Flow Modelling Hydrogeology of Fractured Rocks - B.B.S.Singhal * Groundwater Flow in Fractured Rocks - B.B.S.Singhal * Modelling of Hard Rock Aquifer System M.Thangarajan Groundwater Modelling in Hard Rock Terrain - B.K.Sahu * Groundwater Flow Modelling in Hard Rock Terrain - A.G.Chachadi * Fracture Flow Modelling - Pradeep K.Maiumdar * Section D: Groundwater Pollution and Contaminants Transport Modelling * Groundwater Contaminants and Assessment - CK.Jain * Contaminant Transport Modelling in Groundwater - Narayan C.Ghosh Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater - Shashi Mathur* Flow and Contaminant Transport Modelling in Fractured Rock Media -M. Sekhar * Evaluation of Groundwater Pollution due to Leachate - Mathew K. Jose

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