RIVERS OF SOUTH ASIA To Link or not to Link

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WATER RESOURCES 818558933X V. Subramanian Capital Publishing Company 348 RIVERS OF SOUTH ASIA To Link or not to Link 2010 Rs. 1395/-
Author: V. Subramanian
Description: The book addresses key issues related to the current questions that are important in the plans for linking various rivers in South Asia. The book tries to present views from both sides — for and against — and leave the reader to make his/her individual opinion and not swayed by either academic or non- Governmental views. Extrapolations have been made on possible implication of global warming and climate change on the water sector in the subcontinent. As far as possible efforts have been made to make the reading simple by keeping out high level technical words. The primary question that is being addressed in this book is:
Table of Content: Introduction * Proposed links by NWDAand issued related fresh water in India * Ken-Betua Link * Database Before link work * Transboundary Rivers of South Asia * Who pays the cost of available water ? * Complex Issues of Fresh Water: Quality and Quantity* Academic Dialogue* Scenario in Northeast with respect to Surplus Water * Global Warming, Climate Change and Water * Way forward * Useful Literature including Website* Colour Plates * Index

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