LAKES AND COASTAL WETLANDS Conservation, Restoration and Management

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WATER RESOURCES 8185589510 Dr. Pratap K. Mohanty Capital Publishing Company 492 LAKES AND COASTAL WETLANDS Conservation, Restoration and Management 2007 Rs. 1795/-
Author: Dr. Pratap K. Mohanty
Description: Lakes and coastal wetlands play a vital role in the global ecosystems. Their importance has been recognized in the maintenance of biodiversity, ecology, hydrology and recreation. They provide habitat for wide variety of flora and fauna and help maintain the life cycle of many species. As rapid development and population growth continue in coastal areas, environmental degradation and over-exploitation will further erode the biodiversity and undermine the productivity of these unique ecosystems. Lakes and coastal wetlands are transitional areas between dry terrestrial and permanent aquatic ecosystems and are recognised as highly productive. Due to increased use of lakes and wetlands and exploitation of their resources for various economic growths, these ecosystems are under severe stress. Various efforts are currently underway to develop technologies and systems for successful management of lakes and coastal wetlands - both at national and international levels. Therefore, it is very important to involve all of those concerned in the process of restoration, conservation and management of lakes and coastal wetlands. With the view to promote such an interaction, Lake 2004, an international conference on
Table of Content: Biodiversity * Lim nology * Monitoring and Modelling * Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System * Water Quality * Socio-Economic Considerations : Peoples Participation and Awareness * Management of Lakes and Coastal Wetlands * Annexures

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