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WATER RESOURCES 9789381891131 Dr. N. Janardhana Raju, Dr. Wolfgang Gossel, Dr. S. Sreekesh, Dr. M. Sudhakar Capital Publishing Company 300 MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT 2014 Rs.2095/-
Author: Dr. N. Janardhana Raju, Dr. Wolfgang Gossel, Dr. S. Sreekesh, Dr. M. Sudhakar
Description: Our environment is undergoing drastic changes owing to multitude of human interventions. Such interventions create varying magnitude of pollution and environmental issues. Understanding the dynamics of environmental changes is critical to halting and reversing such environmental and human vulnerability. The book is a peer reviewed edited volume that explores some of these issues. The contributors of this book share their experience on environmental problems especially those related to environmental pollution and remediation in different ecosystems. Bio-remediation for resource enrichment, strategies for mitigating environmental pollution issues and challenges in sustainable management of water resources are the main focus themes in this book. In the bio-remediation section different methods of physico-chemical and biological removal of the pollutants and recovery of the resources has been discussed. In the Environmental pollution section the book discusses the different pathways of pollutant movement and environmental hazards including the loss of biodiversity. These studies suggested strategies to overcome these environmental issues. The section on Management of water resources explores different hydrological conditions emanating from misuse and mismanagement of surface and underground water resources. This section also showcases various technologies including modelling, geospatial and other tools to assess such conditions. The book presents numerous field based research studies in different geo-environmental settings. The emphasis is on highlighting the methodological approaches to tackle different environmental problems. The book would interest researchers, academicians, environmental, and planners in particular those who are interested in finding sustainable solutions to the challenging environmental issues and problems.
Table of Content: *Environmental Hazards And Conservation Approach To The Biodiversity and Of The St. Martins Island In Bangladesh *Comparison Of Relationship Between The Concentrations Of Water Isotopes In Precipitation In The Cities Of Tehran (Iran) and New Delhi (India) *Uranium Toxicity In The State Of Punjab. In North-Western India *Hydrogeochemistry For The Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In JNU Campus, New Delhi, India *Forecasting Groundwater Level Using Hybrid Modeling Technique Fluoride Toxicity In The Fluoride Endemic Villages Of Gaya District, Bihar, India, Uasbr: An Effective Wastewater Treatment Option To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions *Identification Of Surface Water Harvesting Sites, Using Gis For Water Stressed Area: ACase Study Of Ausgram Block, Burdwan District, West Bengal, India *Analysis Of Leachate Characteristics To Study Coal Ash Usability *Waste Water Reuse For Peri Urban Food Security (A Case Study Of Peri-Urban Chennai, India) *Geospatial Analysis Of Fluoride Contamination In Groundwater Of Southeastern Part Of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh *Geophysical Expression For Groundwater Quality In Part Of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India *Effective removal of heavy metals and dyes from drinking water utilizing bio-compatible magnetic nanoparticle *Transport of trace metals by the rainwater runoff in the Urban Catchment of Guwahati, India *Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals from Bhalaswa Landfill, New Delhi, India *Air pollution mapping and quality assessment study at an urban area Tirupati using GIS *Alterations in physico-chemical parameters of water and aquatic diversity at Maneri-Bhali Phase I dam site on river Ganges in district Uttarkashi – Uttarakhand *Phytoremediation Study and effect of pH on Biomass Productivity of Eichhornia Crassipes *Reducing the toxicity of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes using surface modification strategy *Assessment of water quality changes in Narmada basin, India. *Biogas enrichment and bottling technology developed by IIT Delhi and its use for vehicular application *Adsorption of arsenite and fluoride on untreated and treated bamboo dust.

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