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WATER RESOURCES 9789381891285 Futoshi Kurisu, AL. Ramanathan, Absar Ahmad Kazmi, Manish Kumar Capital Publishing Company 250 TRENDS IN ASIAN WATER ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2016 Rs. 1495/-
Author: Futoshi Kurisu, AL. Ramanathan, Absar Ahmad Kazmi, Manish Kumar
Description: This book brings together in one text the subject matter that deals with water quality modeling, monitoring and assessment techniques; wastewater treatment technologies and sociological approach. Divided into twenty chapters, this book seeks its impact from the diverse nature of content revealing situations from different countries of Asia. The book refers to water quality requirements, emphasizing the factors that affect the water environment and the treated wastewater as a new source of water. Selecting the most effective and proper wastewater treatment approach is actually the most essential part of generating a new water resource, as well as protecting the receiving water environments. This book will help readers to deal with various water environmental problems in Asian countries.
Table of Content: Part A: WastewaterTreatment and Monitoring Physico-Chemical Treatment: RSM and ANN-GA Experimental Design Optimization for Electro coagulation Removal of Chromium* Sunlight-assisted Photo-Fenton Process for Removal of Insecticide from agricultural wastewater* Catalytic Reduction of Water Contaminant 4 Nitro phenol over manganese Oxide Supported Ni Nanoparticles* Simulation of Nitrate Removal in a Batch Flow Electro coagulation-flotation (ECF)process by Response surface method (RSM)* Biological Treatment : Decolourization Studies of a Novel Textile Dye Degrading Bacterium* Preliminary study of Rapid Enhanced Effective Micro-organisms (REEM) in Oil and Grease Trap from Canteen Wastewater* step-feed Technology in SBR to Enhance the treatment of Landfill Leachate* Response Surface Optimization of Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solution using a natural Adsorbent* Removal of Pharmaceuticals from water using Adsorption Part B : Hydrological and Quality Issues Surface Water: Hydrological Regimes and Zooplankton Ecology at Tempe Floodplains, Indonesia: Preliminary Study before the Operation of the Downstream Barrage* Organics and Heavy Metals Content in River Receiving the effluent of Municipal landfill Leachate Treatment* Groundwater Contamination: Tracing the significance of River for Arsenic Enrichment and Mobilization* Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in 14 Districts in Sri Lanka: A collaboration research between Sri Lanka and Japan* Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater Affecting Holocene Aquifers of India: A Review* Water Quality Evaluation in a Rural Stretch of Tezpur, Assam (India) using water Quality India and Correlation Matrix* Water Resources in changing Paradigm: Meltwater Quality Assessment in the Himalayan Glaciers* Delineation of Point Sources of Recharge in Karst settings* Identify the major Reasons to cause vulnerability to Mekong Delta under the impacts of Drought and climate change* Multi-pathway Risk Assessment of Trihalomethanes Exposure in Drinking Water Supplies* The Study of water Losses using knowledge Based System Approach.

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