Solar Photovoltaics: Technology, System Design, Reliability and Viability

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ENERGY STUDIES 9789381891407 N.D. Kaushika, Anuradha Mishra, Anil K. Rai Capital Publishing Comapny 178 Solar Photovoltaics: Technology, System Design, Reliability and Viability 2017 Rs. 1495/-
Author: N.D. Kaushika, Anuradha Mishra, Anil K. Rai
Description: The book is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals, technologies and applications of solar photovoltaic systems. The fundaments and technologies discussed to practical engineering problems likely to be met by researches and students. Specials emphasis is laid on centre core of basics, recent developments and advances. It covers basic photovoltaic processes, solar cell materials which include discussions on mono-crystalline, multi crystalline silicon based solar cells, thin film micro crystalline, nano crystalline, hybridized silicon based solar cells, multi junction solar cells and thin film cadmium telluride (CdTe) cells. The water-based fabrication technologies, mathematical model of transport processes, electrical characteristics of solar cells, mismatch losses in array network, BOS and electronic regulations, repertoires of applications, solar PV system design and reliability, prospective high performance solar cells and solar PV economics are also presented. The book also points out that high efficiency of solar cell device reached so far is not followed by high system efficiency due to several drawbacks. In this regard it presents work on fault tolerant circuitry to combat mismatch losses in cell network and balance of the system. It also considers cost reduction options like the building integrated photovoltaics and the concentrating systems.
Table of Content: . Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Power . Conventional Power Supplies . Power Generation from Renewable Resources . Scope of the Monograph . Solar Radiation Characteristics . The Solar Constant . Solar Spectral Distribution . Atmospheric Effects on Solar Radiation . Solar Radiation Geometry . Solar Radiation Measuring Instruments . Solar Radiation on a Tilted Surface . Estimation of Average Solar Radiation . Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Generation: A Review . Introduction . Atomic Bonding . Crystal Structure . Band Gap Structure of Metal, Semiconductors and Insulators . P-N Junction . P-N Junction Solar Cells . Wafer-based Solar Cells: Materials and Fabrication Technologies . Photoionic Processes in Solar Cells . Solar Cell Materials . Silicon Solar Cell Wafer Technology . Improved Solar Cell Structures and Techniques . Indian Status . Mathematical Model of Transport Processes . Physical Model of Solar Cells . The Continuity Equation . Solution of Continuity Equation . Piecewise Exponential Computational Scheme . Illustrative Results . Electrical Characteristics of Solar Cells . Solar Cell: A Power Source . Equivalent Circuit . Current-Voltage Characteristics . Performance Measurement Procedures . Temperature and Solar Irradiance Effects . Solar PV Module and Array Network . Solar PV Module . Mismatch Losses in Array Network . Formulations of Fractional Power Loss in Solar PV Module and Array . Computational Results and Discussion . BOS and Electronic Regulations . Balance of System (BOS) . Classification of BOS . Electronic Regulators . Repertoires of Applications . Space Applications . Terrestrial Applications . Cost Effective Applications . System Classification . Solar Photovoltaic System Design . Solar PV System . System Design Considerations for Particular Location . Solar PV Design Aid Expert System . Web Access to Solar PV Design Aid Expert System . System Reliability Considerations . The Reliability . Site Dependence . System Availability . No Sun Days and Storage Autonomy . Power Loss and Hot Spot Effects . System Reliability Improvements . High Performance Solar Cells . Solar Cell Developments . First Generation Solar Cells . Second Generation Solar Cells . Third Generation Solar Cells . Limited Demonstration of Concentrating Solar Photovoltaic . Solar PV System Economics . General . System Evaluation . Time Value of the Money . Formulations for Evaluation of Money Value over Time Span . Cost-Benefit Analysis in Engineering Systems/Projects References Index

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