Ground Water Vision 2030

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WATER RESOURCES 9789381891421 Narayan C. Ghosh, Anupma Sharma, Surjeet Singh Capital Publishing Comapny 336 Ground Water Vision 2030 2017 Rs. 1295/-
Author: Narayan C. Ghosh, Anupma Sharma, Surjeet Singh
Description: The international conferences in IGWC series are the meeting point for groundwater professionals and researchers, bringing together expects from various inter-related disciplines in the field of groundwater hydrology. Ground water has emerged as the most important natural resource, which safeguards agricultures and provides drinking water security to millions in many parts of the globe. However, ground water is under constant threat of over- exploitation with increasing populations, rising standards of living, and economic development. Over-exploitation of ground water has made India the largest and fastest growing user of ground water of the world. The role of ground water in contributing to water security and searching for solutions for its conservation and sustainable management plays a crucial role in meeting water demands of the populations for the future against the backdrop of climate change and to ensure food and water security for both the developed and developing countries. The abstracts of keynote and research papers presented during the International Ground Water Conference held during December 11-13,2017, in New Delhi, India, are provided in this conference volume.
Table of Content: IGWC-2017 Keynote and Invited Speakers vii Theme 1: Vision 2030 – Preparing for a water secure future 1 Theme 2: Vision 2030 – Facing upto climate change 45 Theme 3: Vision 2030 – Water resources in arid and semi-arid regions 67 Theme 4: Groundwater management in Indo-Gangetic plains with emphasis on eastern India 91 Theme 5: Groundwater contamination and low costtreatment techniques 103 Theme 6: Groundwater modelling and management 187 Theme 7: Modelling techniques for groundwater exploration and assessment 229 Theme 8: Innovative technologies for augmentation of groundwater resources 277 Theme 9: Isotopic techniques in groundwater investigations and management 299 Theme 10: Groundwater economic use, policy, regulationand governance 315 Acknowledgement 325

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