CADASTRE : Geo-Information Innovations in Land Administration

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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 9789381891391 Tahsin Yomralioglu, John McLaughlin Capital Publishing Comapny 348 CADASTRE : Geo-Information Innovations in Land Administration 2017 Rs. 1995
Author: Tahsin Yomralioglu, John McLaughlin
Description: The book highlights the latest improvements in cadastre with examples and case studies from various parts of the world. Authors from different continents, in association with national and international organizations and societies, present the most comprehensive forum to date for cadastre, offering a broad overview of land administration and contemporary perspectives on current research and developments, including surveying, land management, remote sensing and geo- information sciences. Cadastre is a universal concept and is defined as “the work of officially mapping and systemically registering the areas, borders and values of all kinds of land and property”. It is normally a parcel-based and up-to-date land information system containing a record of interests in land with rights, restrictions and responsibilities. It may be established for fiscal and legal purposes, to assist in management for better planning and other administrative purposes, and to enable sustainable development and environmental protection. As such, “cadastre” is an important public inventory documenting the records of ownership, bordering and responsibility regarding the land with “title deeps” to parcels and answering the questing of “whose land, where and how much”. The materials including in the book can support course at universities and related training institutions worldwide, and will greatly improve readers understanding of the scholarly fields involved in cadastre: land registration and management, surveying and mapping, and geo-information management, land governance, land taxation and public administration etc.
Table of Content: Chapter 1: Towards To Cadastre Towards A Fourth Wave Of Property Reform From A Traditional To A Comprehensive Cadastre Cadastre Or Land Administration A Performance Assessment Model For Cadastral Survey System Evaluation Management Of Natural Risks And Disasters In A River Basin Within The New Cadastre Concept Updating And Maintaining Land Parcel Types Through Crowd-Sourced Land Use/Cover Classification Investigation Of Availability Remote Sensed Data In Cadastral Works Usability Of Gnss Technique For Cadastral Surveying Chapter 2: 3d Cadastre With Geo-Technology Conceptual Modelling Of 3d Cadastre And Ladm The Ladm Based On Interlis The Underground Space Use Right Registration With The Approach Of 3 Dimensional Cadastre Concepst Towards 3d Land Registry In Hungary Germany On The Way To 4d-Cadastre Automated Extraction Of Buildings From Aerial Lidar Point Cloud And Digital Imaging Datasets For 3d Cadastre - Preliminary Results Chapter 3: Cadastral Cases Modeling Pgis For Multipurpose Cadastre In Ghana Aims And Actual Outcomes Of Tuscany Castore Project: A Final Balance Cadastral Renewal And Automation Project In Cyprus A Transparent Cadastral System – Fit For Sustainable Development And Legal Security: The Danish Public-Private Cooperation Model Procedure Of Real Estate Acquisition By Foreigners In Turkey Location Profiling In Cadastre For Property Value Intelligence Chapter 4: Marine Cadastre Marine Cadastre Legal Framework For Malaysia The Evaluation Of Marine Cadastre Definitions Among Australia, Canada And United States Of America Based On Indonesia’s Perspective As An Archipelagic State Sustainable Marine Space Managements: Malaysia Perspective

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