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Earthworks: A guide, 2nd edition

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Civil Engineering 9780727741165 Paul Nowak and Peter Gilbert Thomas Telford Ltd 360 Earthworks: A guide, 2nd edition 2015 £ 76.00
Author: Paul Nowak and Peter Gilbert
Description: Earthworks: A guide outlines the key principles and practicalities of earthworks for projects of all scales, for the construction of minor works through to major earth structures. It provides comprehensive coverage of the essential processes behind: classification of fills, excavation, fill material design, fill selection, fill compaction, and cutting and embankment stability, offering information on these critical topics to earthworks engineers. Earthworks operations include the excavation, transport, placement and compaction of fill materials to construct earth structures, and is a significant element of almost all civil engineering projects. A good understanding of earthworks design and construction enables the delivery of successful projects and avoidance of costly problems. Earthworks: A guide: • builds on the original work by Neil Trenter, and is revised and updated in line with current standards and practice • establishes the essential theoretical background to the compaction process • explains design and construction control and monitoring procedures necessary for earthworks • describes different approaches to the selection of engineering properties for designing earth structures • includes a description of safety factors for slopes and embankments. Earthworks discusses the practical consequences of the choices made by engineers, it evaluates environmental, economic and ground risk management factors, and provides essential information and practical advice to those working in earthwork engineering today. Addressing the needs of all involved in earthworks, there are chapters dedicated to design, construction control and the essential processes behind fills and excavations. This guide is an invaluable and authoritative reference tool for geotechnical engineers, geology specialists and civil engineers working in earthworks.
Table of Content: 1. Earthworks: an historical perspective 2. The compaction process 3. An introduction to fill classification and a commentary on some characteristics of fine (cohesive) fills 4. Some characteristics of coarse (granular) and weak rock fill 5. Some characteristics of soft rocks 6. Some properties of industrial fill 7. Earthworks specifications 8. Earthworks fill design and setting specification limits 9. Excavation 10. Placement and compaction of fill 11. Cuttings: some design and construction considerations 12. Embankments: some design and construction considerations 13. Factor of safety of cuttings and embankments 14. Earthworks asset management 15. Use of instrumentation 16. Safety considerations Appendix 1. End product specification for engineered fill supporting low rise structures (from NA Trenter and JA Charles, 1996) Appendix 2. Examples of plant commonly used for earthworks Appendix 3. Planning and construction for earthworks projects

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