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BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS 9812302778 Rahul Sen Capital Publishing Company 121 REGIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION 2005 Rs.495/-
Author: Rahul Sen
Description: Export Credit Agencies of Exim Banks play a vital role in promoting and facilitating exports. Such services are essential to exporters if they are to compete effectively in the global market. However, emerging markets of Asia depend on financing from industrial economies and this has risks. Such dependence could be minimized if there was access to trade credit at a regional level. This book looks at the merits of setting up a regional export credit agency for Asia not only to mobilize private sector funding, but also to promote regional economic integration.
Table of Content: *Introdcution *Regional Trends in Trade and Investment in Asian Economies *The role of asian ECAs in trade financing: Situational analysis * Regional export credit agency for Asia (RECAA): The need and the role *Structure and activities of RECAA: Possible outline

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