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Remagnetization and Chemical Alteration of Sedimentary Rocks

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Geology and Earth Science 9781862393516 R.D. Elmore, A.R. Muxworthy, M.M. Aldana & M. Mena The Geological Society of London 290 Remagnetization and Chemical Alteration of Sedimentary Rocks 2012 £ 90.00
Author: R.D. Elmore, A.R. Muxworthy, M.M. Aldana & M. Mena
Description: Remagnetization is a common phenomenon in rocks, and developing a greater understanding of its mechanisms has several benefits. Acquisition of a secondary magnetization is usually tangible evidence of a diagenetic or thermal event, which can be dated using palaeomagnetic techniques. This is important because the timing of diagenetic and thermal events is commonly difficult to determine. Remagnetization can also obscure primary magnetizations and a better understanding of remagnetization could improve our ability to uncover primary magnetizations. Many chemical remagnetization mechanisms have been proposed, including those associated with chemical alteration by a number of different fluids (e.g. orogenic, weathering, mineralizing, hydrocarbons) and burial diagenetic processes (e.g. clay diagenesis, maturation of organic matter). This book contains case studies and review articles that focus on remagnetization, chemical remagnetization mechanisms, and magnetic changes associated with chemical alteration by hydrocarbons.
Table of Content: ELMORE, R. D., MUXWORTHY, A. R. & ALDANA, M. Remagnetization and chemical alteration of sedimentary rocks VAN DER VOO, R. & TORSVIK, T. H. The history of remagnetization of sedimentary rocks: deceptions, developments and discoveries FONT, E., RAPALINI, A. E., TOMEZZOLI, R. N., TRINDADE, R. I. F. & TOHVER, E. Episodic Remagnetizations related to tectonic events and their consequences for the South America Polar Wander Path DENNIE, D., ELMORE, R. D., DENG, J., MANNING, E. & PANNALAL, J. Palaeomagnetism of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas SZABó, E. & CIOPPA, M. T. Multiple magnetizations in Ordovician–Devonian carbonates in the Williston Basin (Manitoba, Canada) ZECHMEISTER, M. S., PANNALAL, S. & ELMORE, R. D. A multidisciplinary investigation of multiple remagnetizations within the Southern Canadian Cordillera, SW Alberta and SE British Columbia EVANS, S. C., ELMORE, R. D., DENNIE, D. & DULIN, S. A. Remagnetization of the Alamo Breccia, Nevada APPEL, E., CROUZET, C. & SCHILL, E. Pyrrhotite remagnetizations in the Himalaya: a review AUBOURG, C., POZZI, J.-P. & KARS, M. Burial, claystones remagnetization and some consequences for magnetostratigraphy EMMERTON, S., MUXWORTHY, A. R. & SEPHTON, M. A. Magnetic characterization of oil sands at Osmington Mills and Mupe Bay, Wessex Basin, UK COSTANZO-ÁLVAREZ, V., ALDANA, M., BAYONA, G., LóPEZ-RODRíGUEZ, D. & BLANCO, J. M. Rock magnetic characterization of early and late diagenesis in a stratigraphic well from the Llanos foreland basin (Eastern Colombia) MENA, M. & WALTHER, A. M. Rock magnetic properties of drill cutting from a hydrocarbon exploratory well and their relationship to hydrocarbon presence and petrophysical properties JACKSON, M. & SWANSON-HYSELL, N. L. Rock magnetism of remagnetized carbonate rocks: another look DEKKERS, M. J. End-member modelling as an aid to diagnose remagnetization: a brief review MANNING, E. B. & ELMORE, R. D. Rock magnetism and identification of remanence components in the Marcellus Shale, Pennsylvania Index

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