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Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes: Similarities and Differences

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Geology and Earth Science 9781862393745 I.P. Martini and H.R. Wanless The Geological Society of London 600 Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes: Similarities and Differences 2014 £ 140.00
Author: I.P. Martini and H.R. Wanless
Description: We live in a world where the loss of sea ice and thawing of coastal grounds in the north, and renewed marine transgression and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events globally, are becoming commonplace. This volume presents a timely examination of coasts, the geological environment at particular risk, as global warming brings on this new reality. In 23 papers, low lying, mainly siliciclastic coasts are reviewed, described and analysed, under a variety of climates in quasi-stable tectonic settings along passive, trailing-continental edges from Polar Regions to the Tropics. Examples include coast of the Arctic seas, temperate to tropical eastern shores of the Americas, western Portugal, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, South Africa and Australia. The entire coastal zone (landscape) is considered ranging from geophysical processes and products to biological entities including the adaption of Native People in various climatic zones. Knowledge of the state of the coasts now, and how the coastal plain has evolved since Late Pleistocene, is crucial for any realistic planning for the future.
Table of Content: Part One – Introduction and Worldwide Reviews Martini, I. P. General considerations and highlights of low-lying coastal zones: passive continental margins from the poles to the tropics Kelletat, D. H., Scheffers, A.M. & May, S. M. Coastal environments from polar regions to the tropics: a geographers zonality perspective Urban-Malinga, B. Meiobenthos in marine coastal sediments Mulrennan, M. E. On the edge: a consideration of the adaptive capacity of Indigenous Peoples in coastal zones from the Arctic to the Tropics Part Two – Arctic and Subarctic Coasts Overduin, P. P., Strzelecki, M. C., Grigoriev, M. N., Couture, N., Lantuit, H., St-Hilaire-Gravel, D., Günther, F. & Wetterich, S. Coastal changes in the Arctic Forbes, D. L., Manson, G. K., Whalen, D. J. R., Couture, N. J. & Hill, P. R. Coastal products of marine transgression in cold-temperate and high-latitude coastal-plain settings: Gulf of St Lawrence and Beaufort Sea Martini, I. P. & Morrison, R. I. G. Coasts of Foxe Basin, Arctic Canada Ruz, M.-H. & Hesp, P. A. Geomorphology of high-latitude coastal dunes: a review Part Three – Temperate Coastal Zones Temperate cold/cool Johnston, J. W., Thompson, T. A. & Wilcox, D. A. Palaeohydrographic reconstructions from strandplains of beach ridges in the Laurentian Great Lakes Dashtgard, S. E., Pearson, N. J. & Gingras, M. K. Sedimentology, ichnology, ecology and anthropogenic modification of muddy tidal flats in a cold-temperate environment: Chignecto Bay, Canada Hein, C. J., FitzGerald, D. M., Buynevich, I. V., Van Heteren, S. & Kelley, J. T. Evolution of paraglacial coasts in response to changes in fluvial sediment supply Bujalesky, G. G., González Bonorino, G. & Abascal, L. Holocene coastal environments and processes in subantarctic/temperate cold Tierra del Fuego, Argentina-Chile Temperate warm Colombo, F., Serra, J. & Rivero, L. Río de la Plata inner estuary (Argentina): main forms, sedimentary infill and Holocene evolution Dillenburg, S. R. & Barboza, E. G. The strike-fed sandy coast of Southern Brazil Roberts, D., Cawthra, H. & Musekiwa, C. Dynamics of late Cenozoic aeolian deposition along the South African coast: a record of evolving climate and ecosystems Short, A. D. Australias temperate carbonate coast: sources, depositional environments and implications Costas, S., Brito, P., FitzGerald, D. & Goble, R. Climate-driven episodes of dune mobilization and barrier growth along the central coast of Portugal Torres, T., Ortiz, J. E., Martín-Sánchez, D., Arribas, I., Moreno, L., Ballesteros, B., Blázquez, A., Domínguez, J. A. & Rodríguez Estrella, T. The long Pleistocene record from the Pego-Oliva marshland (Alicante-Valencia, Spain) Anzidei, M., Lambeck, K., Antonioli, F., Furlani, S., Mastronuzzi, G., Serpelloni, E. & Vannucci, G. Coastal structure, sea-level changes and vertical motion of the land in the Mediterranean Part Four – Subtropical to Tropical Coastal Zones Wallace, D. J.,Woodruff, J. D., Anderson, J. B. & Donnelly, J. P. Palaeohurricane reconstructions from sedimentary archives along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and western North Atlantic Ocean margins Scheffers, A. M., Engel, M., May, S. M., Scheffers, S. R., Joannes-Boyau, R., Hänssler, E., Kennedy, K., Kelletat, D., Brückner, H., Vött, A., Schellmann, G., Schäbitz, F., Radtke, U., Sommer, B., Willershäuser, T. & Felis, T. Potential and limits of combining studies of coarse- and fine-grained sediments for the coastal event history of a Caribbean carbonate environment Anthony, E. J., Gardel, A. & Gratiot, N. Fluvial sediment supply, mud banks, cheniers and the morphodynamics of the coast of South America between the Amazon and Orinoco river mouths Billeaud, I., Caline, B., Livas, B., Tessier, B., Davaud, E., Frebourg, G., Hasler, C.-A., Laurier, D. & Pabian-Goyheneche, C. The carbonate-evaporite lagoon of Al Dakhirah (Qatar): an example of a modern depositional model controlled by longshore transport Index

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