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Seismicity, Fault Rupture and Earthquake Hazards in Slowly Deforming Regions

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Geology and Earth Science 9781862397453 A. Landgraf, S. Kuebler, E. Hintersberger and S. Stein The Geological Society of London 261 Seismicity, Fault Rupture and Earthquake Hazards in Slowly Deforming Regions 2017 £ 100.00
Author: A. Landgraf, S. Kuebler, E. Hintersberger and S. Stein
Description: Palaeoseismic records and seismological data from continental interiors increasingly show that these areas of slow strain accumulation are more subject to seismic and associated natural hazards than previously thought. Moreover, some of our instincts developed for assessing hazards at plate boundaries might not apply here. Hence assessing hazards and drawing implications for the future is challenging, and how well it can be done heavily depends on the ability to assess the spatiotemporal distribution of past large earthquakes. This book explores some key issues in understanding hazards in slowly deforming areas. Examples include classic intraplate regions, such as Central and Northern Europe, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Australia, and North and South America, and regions of widely distributed strain, such as the Tien Shan Mountains in Central Asia. The papers in this volume are grouped into two sections. The first section deals with instrumental and historical earthquake data and associated hazard assessments. The second section covers methods from structural geology, palaeoseismology and tectonic geomorphology, and incorporates field evidence
Table of Content: LANDGRAF, A., KüBLER, S., HINTERSBERGER, E. & STEIN, S. Active tectonics, earthquakes and palaeoseismicity in slowly deforming continents Seismology and Hazard STEIN, S., LIU, M., CAMELBEECK, T., MERINO, M., LANDGRAF, A., HINTERSBERGER, E. & KüBLER, S. Challenges in assessing seismic hazard in intraplate Europe ZöLLER, G., ULLAH, S., BINDI, D., PAROLAI, S. & MIKHAILOVA, N. The largest expected earthquake magnitudes in Central Asia: statistical inference from an earthquake catalogue with uncertain magnitudes KRüGER, F., KULIKOVA, G. & LANDGRAF, A. Instrumental magnitude constraints for the 11 July 1889, Chilik earthquake AGURTO-DETZEL, H., ASSUMPçãO, M., BIANCHI, M. & PIRCHINER, M. Intraplate seismicity in mid-plate South America: correlations with geophysical lithospheric parameters COSTAIN, J. K. Groundwater recharge as the trigger of naturally occurring intraplate earthquakes Earthquake Geology MöRNER, N.-A. Views on the dialectics between seismology and palaeoseismology with examples from southern Scandinavia KüBLER, S., STREICH, R., LüCK, E., HOFFMANN, M., FRIEDRICH, A. M. & STRECKER, M. R. Active faulting in a populated low-strain setting (Lower Rhine Graben, Central Europe) identified by geomorphic, geophysical and geological analysis SHIPTON, Z. K.,MEGHRAOUI,M. & MONRO, L. Seismic slip on the west flank of the Upper Rhine Graben (France–Germany): evidence from tectonic morphology and cataclastic deformation bands CLARK, D., MCPHERSON, A., CUPPER, M., COLLINS, C. D. N. & NELSON, G. The Cadell Fault, southeastern Australia: a record of temporally clustered morphogenic seismicity in a low-strain intraplate region WALKER, R. T., WEGMANN, K. W., BAYASGALAN, A., CARSON, R. J., ELLIOTT, J., FOX, M., NISSEN, E., SLOAN, R. A.,WILLIAMS, J. M.&WRIGHT, E. The Egiin Davaa prehistoric rupture, central Mongolia: a large magnitude normal faulting earthquake on a reactivated fault with little cumulative slip located in a slowly deforming intraplate setting RUDERSDORF, A., HARTMANN, K., YU, K., STAUCH, G. & REICHERTER, K. Seismites as indicators for Holocene seismicity in the northeastern Ejina Basin, Inner Mongolia ARROWSMITH, J. R., CROSBY, C. J., KORZHENKOV, A. M.,MAMYROV, E., POVOLOTSKAYA, I., GURALNIK, B. &LANDGRAF, A. Surface rupture of the 1911 Kebin (Chon–Kemin) earthquake, Northern Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan Index

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