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Variscan Orogeny, The: Extent, Timescale and the Formation of the European Crust

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Geology and Earth Science 9781862396586 K. Schulmann, J.R. Martínez Catalán, J.M. Lardeaux, V. Janousek and G. Oggiano The Geological Society of London 406 Variscan Orogeny, The: Extent, Timescale and the Formation of the European Crust 2014 £ 120.00
Author: K. Schulmann, J.R. Martínez Catalán, J.M. Lardeaux, V. Janousek and G. Oggiano
Description: This volume summarizes the state of the art of Variscan geology from Iberia to the Bohemian Massif. The European Variscan belt consists of two orogens: the older, northern and the younger, southern. The northern Variscan realm was dominated by Late Devonian–Carboniferous rifting, subduction and collisional events as defined by sedimentary records, crustal growth, recycling of continental crust and large-scale deformations. In contrast, the southern European crust was reworked by major Late Carboniferous collision followed by Permian wrenching. The Late Carboniferous–Permian orogeny overprinted the previously accreted system in the north, but with much lower intensity, resulting in magmatic recycling and extensional tectonics. These two main orogenic cycles do not reflect episodic evolution of a single orogenic system but a complete change in orientation of stress field, thermal regime, degree of reworking and recycling of European crust, reflecting a major switch in plate configurations at the Early–Late Carboniferous boundary.
Table of Content: SCHULMANN, K., MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., LARDEAUX, J. M., JANOUŠEK, V. & OGGIANO, G. The Variscan orogeny: extent, timescale and the formation of the European crust LARDEAUX, J. M., SCHULMANN, K., FAURE, M., JANOUŠEK, V., LEXA, O., SKRZYPEK, E., EDEL, J. B. & ŠTÍPSKÁ, P. The Moldanubian Zone in the French Massif Central, Vosges/Schwarzwald and Bohemian Massif revisited: differences and similarities SKRZYPEK, E., SCHULMANN, K., TABAUD, A.-S. & EDEL, J.-B. Palaeozoic evolution of the Variscan Vosges Mountains BALLÈVRE, M., MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., LÓPEZ-CARMONA, A., PITRA, P., ABATI, J., FERNÁNDEZ, R. D., DUCASSOU, C., ARENAS, R., BOSSE, V., CASTIÑEIRAS, P., FERNÁNDEZ-SUÁREZ, J., GÓMEZ BARREIRO, J., PAQUETTE, J.-L., PEUCAT, J.-J., POUJOL, M., RUFFET, G. & SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ, S. Correlation of the nappe stack in the Ibero-Armorican arc across the Bay of Biscay: a joint French–Spanish project DIAS DA SILVA, Í., VALVERDE-VAQUERO, P., GONZÁLEZ-CLAVIJO, E., DÍEZ-MONTES, A. & MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R. Structural and stratigraphical significance of U–Pb ages from the Mora and Saldanha volcanic complexes (NE Portugal, Iberian Variscides) DUCASSOU, C., POUJOL, M., RUFFET, G., BRUGUIER, O. & BALLÈVRE, M. Relief variation and erosion of the Variscan belt: detrital geochronology of the Palaeozoic sediments from the Mauges Unit (Armorican Massif, France) ŽÁK, J., VERNER, K., JANOUŠEK, V., HOLUB, F. V., KACHLÍK, V., FINGER, F., HAJNÁ, J., TOMEK, F., VONDROVIC, L. & TRUBAČ, J. A plate-kinematic model for the assembly of the Bohemian Massif constrained by structural relationships around granitoid plutons TABAUD, A.-S., WHITECHURCH, H., ROSSI, P., SCHULMANN, K., GUERROT, C. & COCHERIE, A. Devonian–Permian magmatic pulses in the northern Vosges Mountains (NE France): result of continuous subduction of the Rhenohercynian Ocean and Avalonian passive margin MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., RUBIO PASCUAL, F. J., MONTES, A. D., FERNÁNDEZ, R. D., BARREIRO, J. G., DIAS DA SILVA, Í., CLAVIJO, E. G., AYARZA, P. & ALCOCK, J. E. The late Variscan HT/LP metamorphic event in NW and Central Iberia: relationships to crustal thickening, extension, orocline development and crustal evolution CARRERAS, J. & DRUGUET, E. Framing the tectonic regime of the NE Iberian Variscan segment DENÈLE, Y., LAUMONIER, B., PAQUETTE, J.-L., OLIVIER, P., GLEIZES, G. & BARBEY, P. Timing of granite emplacement, crustal flow and gneiss dome formation in the Variscan segment of the Pyrenees FAURE, M., COCHERIE, A., GACHÉ, J., ESNAULT, C., GUERROT, C., ROSSI, P., WEI, L. & QIULI, L. Middle Carboniferous intracontinental subduction in the Outer Zone of the Variscan Belt (Montagne Noire Axial Zone, French Massif Central): multimethod geochronological approach of polyphase metamorphism SCHNEIDER, J., CORSINI, M., REVERSO-PEILA, A. & LARDEAUX, J.-M. Thermal and mechanical evolution of an orogenic wedge during Variscan collision: an example in the Maures–Tanneron Massif (SE France) EDEL, J.-B., CASINI, L., OGGIANO, G., ROSSI, P. & SCHULMANN, K. Early Permian 90° clockwise rotation of the Maures–Estérel–Corsica–Sardinia block confirmed by new palaeomagnetic data and followed by a Triassic 60° clockwise rotation SPALLA, M. I., ZANONI, D., MAROTTA, A. M., REBAY, G., RODA, M., ZUCALI, M. & GOSSO, G. The transition from Variscan collision to continental break-up in the Alps: insights from the comparison between natural data and numerical model predictions Index

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