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CLIMATE CHANGE 9789381891124 Dr. Kamaljit Ray, Dr. M. Mohapata, Dr. B.K. Bandyopadhyay and Dr. L.S. Rathore Capital Publishing Company 300 HIGH IMPACT WEATHER EVENTS AND THEIR PREDICTION OVER THE SAARC REGION 2014 Rs.2395/-
Author: Dr. Kamaljit Ray, Dr. M. Mohapata, Dr. B.K. Bandyopadhyay and Dr. L.S. Rathore
Description: The SAARC Region due to its geo-physical features like high mountains, plateaus, vast oceans, is vulnerable to extreme/severe weather events such as heavy rains, floods, droughts, tropical cyclones and its associated surges, lightning and severe thunderstorms, gusts/squalls, dry convective storms/dust storms, maritime thunderstorms, heat and cold waves etc. Western disturbances play an important role in winter rains over the northern parts of the SAARC Region. The seasonal weather cycles with a unique monsoon period of rains over SAARC regions are mainly due to permanent and semi-permanent synoptic features, which produce variability in the rainfall distribution on spatial and temporal basis. Prediction of heavy rainfall is one of the many challenging problems for operational meteorologist, but it is very important for issuing timely and accurate warning for the agencies engaged in disaster preparedness and mitigation. As the climate changes over the coming years, the likelihood of extreme and perhaps high –Impact weather and climate events will change most when natural and anthropogenic effects combine. The book is compilation of papers contributed by researchers and scientists from SAARC nations and deals with high-impact weather conditions, their prediction and the consequent impacts on the society in the SAARC region. This book deals with recent advances in our understanding and prediction of Cyclone, Severe Thunderstorms, Squalls, Heat and Cold Waves and Heavy Rainfall ,based on the latest observational and NWPmodelling platform. The chapters are authored by leading experts both in research and operational fields. The book reviews research work, future needs, forecasting skills and societal impacts of above extreme weather events and is relevant to weather forecasters, managers, graduate students and provides high-quality reference material for the users.
Table of Content: 1.Climatology of high Impact weather events - *Long term analysis and thresholds for prediction. *Analysis of trends and variability temporally and spatially. 2. The dynamics of extreme events – improving forecasts in the current climate - *The focus is on the dynamics and predictability of extreme climate and weather events and improving forecasts of high-impact weather in the current climate. * predictability and dynamical processes *application of ensemble methods for forecasting from short-range through to sub-seasonal time-scales; and *Data assimilation and observing system studies. *Synoptic- Scale precursors to high-impact weather events 3.High Impact weather events/ Extreme events under changing climate - *The global distribution of weather and climate high impact weather events. *Trends in frequencies and intensities of high impact weather events *Development of new tools and methods for the quantitative analysis of high impact weather events *Understanding the mechanisms responsible for the formation and evolution of high impact weather events, interconnections of high impact weather events, as well as projections of these events and associated uncertainties in the future climate. 4. Impact of High-Impact weather events on the economy, infrastructure and society in various SAARC Countries. *Vulnerability to high-impact weather events. *Disaster preparedness, prevention and mitigation. *Nowcast of various high –impact weather events.

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