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An Engineers Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces, Second Editio

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ELECTRONICS 9781608079858 Jose Moreira, Hubert Werkmann Artech House 706 An Engineers Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces, Second Editio 2016 £135.00
Author: Jose Moreira, Hubert Werkmann
Description: This second edition of An Engineers Guide to Automated Testing of High-Speed Interfaces provides updates to reflect current state-of-the-art high-speed digital testing with automated test equipment technology (ATE). Featuring clear examples, this one-stop reference covers all critical aspects of automated testing, including an introduction to high-speed digital basics, a discussion of industry standards, ATE and bench instrumentation for digital applications, and test and measurement techniques for characterization and production environment. Engineers learn how to apply automated test equipment for testing high-speed digital I/O interfaces and gain a better understanding of PCI-Express 4, 100Gb Ethernet, and MIPI while exploring the correlation between phase noise and jitter. This updated resource provides expanded material on 28/32 Gbps NRZ testing and wireless testing that are becoming increasingly more pertinent for future applications. This book explores the current trend of merging high-speed digital testing within the fields of photonic and wireless testing.
Table of Content: High-Speed Digital Basics; High-Speed Interface Standards; ATE Instrumentation for Digital Applications; Tests and Measurements; Production Testing; Support Instrumentation; Test Fixture Design; Advanced ATE Topics;Introduction to Gaussian Distribution and Analytical Computation of the BER, The Dual Dirac Model and RJ/DJ Separation; Pseudo-Random Bit Sequences and Other Data Patterns; Coding, Scrambling, Disparity, and CRC; Time Domain Reflectometry and Time Domain Transmission (TDR/TDT); S-Parameters; Engineering CAD Tools; Test Fixture Evaluation and Characterization; Jitter Injection Calibration; Phase Noise, RMS Jitter and Random Jitter.

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