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CLIMATE CHANGE 9789381891063 N. Janardhana Raju, Wolfgang Gossel, ALRamanathan and M. Sudhakar Capital Publishing Company 388 MANAGEMENT OF WATER, ENERGY AND BIO-RESOURCES IN THE ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE: Emerging Issues and Challenges 2014 Rs. 1995/-
Author: N. Janardhana Raju, Wolfgang Gossel, ALRamanathan and M. Sudhakar
Description: The proposed book will address multidisciplinary aspects of science and technologies. It covers around 10 to 15 topics of current environmentally significant parameters like water, air, biological aspects and climate change impacts on them. The chapters in this book include a wide variety of topics on Water resources assessment and management, Water pollution and Water quality control, Energy Resources assessment and management, Biodiversity and Ecosystem assessment, Environmental planning and management and hazards. Apart from these, it also addresses issues like contamination and their controlling factors besides other aspects like surface water analysis, modeling, hydroinformatics , hydrogeology and water resources, urban hydrology and Flood risk management etc. The book is expected to be useful to environmental, water resources and energy managers, scientists, researchers and related workers interested in climate change impact on our environment and natural resource management.
Table of Content: 1.Water Resources Management - *3D Geological and Hydrogeological Modelling – Integrated Approaches in Urban Groundwater Management * Long term saltwater intrusion modeling - case studies from North Africa, Mexico and Halle * Hydrogeochemical characterization and evaluation of seasonal variation in groundwater chemistry in upper Panda River Basin, India * Assessment of groundwater vulnerability in the Borazjan aquifer of Bushehr, south of Iran, using GIS Technique * Geochemical Variations of Groundwater Quality in Coastal and Karstic Aquifers in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka * Water in Ancient Indian Perspective and Ponds of Varanasi as Water Harvesting Structures *Glacier Mass Balance and Its Significance on the Water Resource Management in the Western Himalayas * Seasonal Variations and Flux of Arsenic in Gomati River, Ganga Alluvial Plain, northern India * Stable isotopic signatures for hydrogeochemical characterisation of groundwater from Pondicherry to Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. * Assessment of hydrochemical evolution of groundwater through silica geothermometry in a part of Ganga basin *Electrical Resistivity Survey for Ground Water Investigation at Sumbli of Jammu District, (J&K) * Helium and Natural gas anomalies in tubewells around southern fringes of Bundelkhand region, sagar-damoh district Madhya Pradesh, India. 2. Energy and Bioresources Management - *Production of renewable energy and waste water management from vetiver grass * Replacing conventional fuels through biogas for mitigating the threats related to climate change in India: Astate wise assessment for emission reduction. * Chronic arsenicosis induced oxidative stress in cattle: Role of Zn and Se * Macro-benthos diversity in a headwater stream affected by tea and paddy agricultural runoff, Sri Lanka * Bioremediation and detoxification of xenobiotic organic compounds in landfill Leachate by Pseudomonas sp. ISTDF1 * Identifying Knowledge Gaps in Assessing Health Risks due to Exposures of Nanoparticles from Contaminated Edible Plants* Conservation issues and possible solutions for sustainability of faunal diversity of Arunachal Pradesh * Ambient noise levels after CNG implementation in transport sector in Delhi *Transport of Lindane through soil column 3. Climate and Natural Resources Management - * Effect of Ozone on Biotic Stress Tolerance Potential of Wheat *Isolation and characterization of thermo-alkalotolerant Bacillus sp. strain ISTS2 for carbon dioxide sequestration * Carbon footprint of rice cultivation under four tillage permutations in rice – wheat system * Trend analysis of rainfall in two contrasting regional environments * Regional Climate Modeling over the Himalayas * Assessment of Trace Element

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