POWER DISTRIBUTION ENGINEERING Fundamentals and Applications

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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 9780824792374 James J. Burke CRC INDIA 371 POWER DISTRIBUTION ENGINEERING Fundamentals and Applications 2013 Rs. 995/-
Author: James J. Burke
Description: Covering virtually all areas of distribution engineering, Power Distribution Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications is a complete reference work that examines the unique behavior of utilities and provides the practical knowledge engineers need to solve real-world distribution problems. Furnishing over 425 helpful equations, tables, drawings, and photographs, it describes different types of system designs and grounding as well as values for voltage, line lengths, and load and fault levels; details the loading, construction, and rating of various transformers; and evaluates utilities using economic techniques that incorporate ideas such as present worth, carrying charge, and cost of losses. Contents: Utility distribution system design and characteristics; transformers and regulators; application of capacitors for distribution system; distribution systems; distribution over current protection; surge arresters; distribution reliability; power quality fundamentals; distribution economics.
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