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Biopolymers: Applications and Trends

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Materials Science 9780323353991 Michael Niaounakis Elsevier 604 Biopolymers: Applications and Trends 2015 $ 200.00
Author: Michael Niaounakis
Description: Biopolymers: Applications and Trends provides an up-to-date summary of the varying market applications of biopolymers characterized by biodegradability and sustainability. It includes tables with the commercial names and properties of each biopolymer family, along with biopolymers for each marketing segment, not only presenting all the major market players, but also highlighting trends and new developments in products. The book includes a thorough breakdown of the vast range of application areas, including medical and pharmaceutical, packaging, construction, automotive, and many more, giving engineers critical materials information in an area which has traditionally been more limited than conventional polymers. In addition, the book uses recent patent information to convey the latest applications and techniques in the area, thus further illustrating the rapid pace of development and need for intellectual property for companies working on new and innovative products.
Table of Content: • Foreword • Abbreviations of Biopolymers • 1. Definitions of Terms and Types of Biopolymers o 1.1. General o 1.2. Definition of Terms o 1.3. Classification of Biopolymers o 1.4. Types and Chemistry of Biopolymers o 1.5. Polyesters o 1.6. Poly(ether-esters) (Bio-Based) o 1.7. Aliphatic Polycarbonates o 1.8. Polyamides o 1.9. Poly(ester amides) o 1.10. Poly(ether amides) o 1.11. Polyurethanes (Bio-Based PU) o 1.12. Polysaccharides o 1.13. Lignin o 1.14. Vinyl Polymers o 1.15. Diene Polymers o 1.16. Other Biodegradable Polymers o 1.17. Sources of Biopolymers o Patents • 2. Properties o 2.1. Intrinsic Properties o 2.2. Processing Properties o 2.3. Product Properties o Patents • 3. Packaging o 3.1. Introduction o 3.2. Films o 3.3. Bags, Sachets, and Nets o 3.4. Containers o 3.5. Funeral Devices o Patents • 4. Agriculture/Forestry/Fishery o 4.1. Agriculture/Forestry o 4.2. Fishery o Patents • 5. Electronics o 5.1. Introduction o 5.2. Electronic Devices o 5.3. Audio Devices o 5.4. Printed Circuit Boards o 5.5. Insulators o Patents • 6. Automotive Applications o 6.1. General o 6.2. Vehicle Components o 6.3. Interior Parts o 6.4. Exterior Parts o 6.5. Door Components o 6.6. Electrical Components o 6.7. Steering o 6.8. Fuel and Exhaust System o 6.9. Engine, Transmission, and Radiator o 6.10. Wheel Parts o 6.11. Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning o 6.12. Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles o Patents • 7. Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Applications o 7.1. Biopolymers o 7.2. Wound Enclosures, Body Implants, and Tissue Engineering Materials o 7.3. Drug Delivery Matrices or Vehicles o 7.4. Dentistry o 7.5. Diagnostic or Therapeutic Imaging o Patents • 8. Cosmetics o 8.1. Cleansing Preparations o 8.2. Makeup and Other Facial Preparations o 8.3. Hair Care Preparations o 8.4. Sunscreen Preparations o 8.5. Manicure and Pedicure Preparations o 8.6. Accessories and Containers for Handling Cosmetic Substances o Patents • 9. Sports/Toys/Board Games o 9.1. Sports Articles o 9.2. Amusements o Patents • 10. Building and Construction Applications o 10.1. Biopolymers Used as Building and Construction Materials o 10.2. Construction and Building Materials o 10.3. Biocomposites o 10.4. Insulation Materials and Structures o 10.5. Materials and Components of Interior Design/Decoration o 10.6. Soil Erosion o 10.7. Foundations, Pavings o 10.8. Artificial Stones o 10.9. Subterranean Constructions o Patents • Glossary • Index • Index of Companies • Index of Inventors • Index of Patents

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