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BOTANY 8185589712 Pathak Capital Publishing Company 464 IMMUNOLOGY, 3rd EDITION 2011 Rs. 995
Author: Pathak
Description: The third edition of Immunology: Essential and Fundamental is an excellent tool for novices to the field who wish to explore the diverse aspects of immune function and for educators who wish to spark their students interests and imaginations
Table of Content: 1) Introduction 2) Innate Immunity 3) Complement 4) Entitles of Adaptive Immune Response : Immunogens 5) Entities of the Adaptive Immune Response : The Lymphoid system 6) Molecules of Adaptive Immune Recognition : Lymphocyte receptors 7) Molecules of Adaptive Immune Recognition : Antigenpresenting molecules and antigen presentation 8) B Lymphocytes 9) T Lymphocytes 10) Humoral Immunity 11) Cell-Mediated Immunity 12) Immune tolerance 13) Infections and the Immune system 14) Cancer and the immune system 15) Autoirnmunity 16) Hypersensitivity 17) Transplantation and Transfusion Immunology Appendix — I Appendix — II Appendix — III Appendix — IV Glossary Bibliography Index

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