Bioenergy for Sustainability and Security

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ENERGY STUDIES 9789381891438 Dr. Basanta Kumara Behera, Dr. Ajit Varma Capital Publishing Company ---- Bioenergy for Sustainability and Security 2018 Rs. 1995/-
Author: Dr. Basanta Kumara Behera, Dr. Ajit Varma
Description: The book represents a dependable source of information on generation of green energy with adequate fundamental scientific information on availability of biological resources in sustainable pattern. The book narrates inter- and multidisciplinary curriculum which includes: Policies and strategies for sustainable energy; Environment vs. Advance renewable energy technology; Electricity generation through solid waste management; and Direct electricity generation from microbial fuel cell. It also provides information on the application of the principles and quantitative relationships that define the process – as more efficient technique to teach applied aspects of biomass energy technology conversion. In addition, latest information on commercialisation of microbial fuel cell technology, bio-diesel production from microalgae, fermentation technology on biobutanol from bacteria, and direct ethanol production from microalgae are well depicted with attractive illustrations and models developed by corporate sectors.
Table of Content: Energy Security . Introduction . What is Energy Security? . Genesis of Energy Security Feeling . Causes of Energy Crisis . Possible Solutions of the Energy Crisis . Quantifying Energy Security . Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy (RE) . Energy Supply Chain Management (ESCM) . Green Energy as Reliable and Resilient Energy System . World Towards Sustainable Energy . Renewable Energy as Ecofriendly . International Organisations for Energy . Gasoline-like Biofuel . Generations of Biofuels . Biological Process for Biomass Liquefaction . Commercialization of Bioethanol from Biomass . Diesel-like Biofuels . Biodiesel . Algal Biodiesel . Green Diesel . Green Gaseous Fuels Technology . Biogas Generation Technology . Biomethane . Biohydrogen as an Energy Carrier Contents . Bioelectricity Generation . Microbial Fuel Cell . Constituents of MFC . Basic Principle of Operation . Application . Thermal Conversions of Biomass . Combustion . Biomass Gasification . Pyrolysis . Biomass Liquefaction Index

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