Ground Beetles and Their Role in Management of Crop Pesta

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Author: C. R. Satpathi
Description: This book has been written keeping in mind to collect all information related to origin of ground beetle , their external anatomy , their metamorphosis, factor affecting on distribution of ground beetle in Agricultural ecosystem ,assemblages of ground beetle in transgenic crop round the world .Excellent description augmented with micrographs , make it more informative to the reader in chapter 1 The illustration on economic importance of different species of ground beetles included morphological description of 70 species of beetles along with role on management of crop pests . Among the different crop pests , the impact of these beetles on management of insect mites , fungus mollusks(Snail and Slug), spider and weed pests are described with exhaustive reference in chapter 2 . Various text books , papers thesis memoirs , and photographs are used to provide reasonable coverage of the subject as a whole. Effect of pesticides on population build up of ground beetle is incorporated along with factors affecting predation of ground beetle in agricultural ecosystem. Improved mass rearing techniques for ground beetle has been evolved as it is a prerequisite for modern pest management strategies in chapter -3 . The rearing technique section is not meant to be step by step method for rearing but is instead meant to incorporate predator rearing condition , preferred food of ground beetle , the effect of different factors in mortality of different stages( egg ,larva, pupa and adult) of ground beetle . The impact of GM led prey on polyphagous predator is also described in separate section. Last but not the least a comprehensive accounts on the list of ground beetles along with their prey record and worldwide distribution of some important genus of ground beetle are incorporated as the part of appendices which make the manuscript as guide book to researchers, students , teachers extension workers and progressive farmers who are looking for information on the diverse topics of biological control. Standard abbreviations and glossary of terms used in applied entomology and biological control are attached as last part of appendices. General bibliography of 575 papers reflects the citation of the paper to enrich the manuscript as a whole.
Table of Content: 1.Introduction 1.1 Origin of Ground Beetle 1.2 The external anatomy of Ground Beetle 1.3 The metamorphosis of Ground Beetle 1.4 Origin of Ground bettle in Agricultural Ecosystem of Europe 1.5 Sources of European species introduced in North America 1.6 Factors affecting distribution of Ground Beetle 1.7 Assemblages of Ground Beetle 1.7.1.Ground Beetle in semi natural habitats 1.7.2.Carabid number and ecological habitat data 2.0 Economic impiortance of different species of ground bettle 2.1. Factors favouring ground bettle in agricultural ecosystems 2.1.1. Effect of pesticide on population build of Ground Beetle 2.2. Role of Ground Beetle in pest management 2.2.1. Factors affecting predation of Ground Beetle 2.3. Ground beetles as common insect predators 2.3.1. Genus: CHLAENIUS 2.3.2. Genus: BRADYBAENUS 2.3.3. Genus: CRASPEDOPHORUS 2.3.4. Genus: AMARA 2.3.5.Genus: CARABUS 2.3.6.Genus :ANCHOMENUS 2.3.7.Genus: NEBRIA 2.3.8.Genus: NOTIOPHILUS 2.3.9.Genus: CALOSOMA 2.3.10. Genus : ASAPHIDION 2.3.11. Genus: TRECHUS 2.3.12. Genus: OXYLOBUS 2.3.13 .Genus: CYMINDOIDEA 2.3.14.Genus: RHISOPHILUS 2.3.15.Genus: OMPHRA 2.3.16.Genus: AGONUM 2.3.17.Genus:CALATHUS 2.3.18.Genus : PTEROSTICHUS 2.3.19. Genus :ABADICUS 2.3.20. Genus: CYCLOTRACHELUS 2.3.21.Genus: LORICERA 2.3.22.Genus: POECILUS 2.3.23.Genus: ACUPALPUS 2.3.24.Genus: GNATHAPHANUS 2.3.25.Genus: PHEROPSOPHUS 2.3.26. Genus: BRACHINUS 2.3.27.Genus: LYMNASTIS 2.3.28. Genus: BEMBIDION 2.3.29.Genus : DIORYCHE 2.3.30.Genus: LEBIA 2.3.31.Genus: CALLEIDA 2.3.32 Genus: SCARITES 2.3.33.Genus: MACROCHEILUS ‘ 2.3.34.Genus: OPHIONEA 2.3.35.Genus:EUCOLLIURIS 2.3.36.Genus: ODACANTHA 2.3.37.Genus: DRYPTA 2.3.38.Genus: DIPLOCHEILA 2.3.39.Genus: LACNOTHRORAX 2.3.40.Genus: SELINA 2.3.41.Genus :PLANETES 2.3.42.Genus :ANTHIA 2.3.43.Genus: PARENA 2.3.44.Genus :TACHyS 2.3.45.Genus: ELAPHROPUS 2.3.46.Genus: BRADYCELLUS 2.3.47.Genus: GALERITULA 2.3.48.Gernus: HARPALUS 2.3.49.Genus: MELAENUS 2.3.50.Genus: TETRAGONODERUS 2.4. Ground Beetle as common Ant Predator 2.4.1.Genus: CYCLOTRACHALUS 2.4.2.Genus: CALOSOMA 2.4.3.Genus :HARPALUS 2.5.Acarine predator 2.5.1.Genus: AMARA 2.6.Ground Beetles as common Spider Predator 2.6.1.Genus: CALOSOMA 2.6.2.Genus: GALERITULA 2.7Ground Beetles as common .Snail and Slug Predators 2.7.1.Genus: DECAELUS 2.7.2.Genus: CARABUS 2.8.Ground Beetles as common Weed Predator 2.8.1 Genus :HARPALUS 2.8.2.Genus : SELENOPHORUS 2.8.3.Genus: DISCODERUS 2.8.4.Genus: ANISODACTYLUS 2.8.5.Genu:STENELOPHUS 2.8.6.Genus: BADISTER 2.8.7.Genus: MICROLESTES 2.8.8.Genus: CALLIDA 2.8.9.Genus: CYMINDIS 2.9.Ground Beetles as common Fungal Predators 2.9.1.Genus: CATACANTHUS 2.9.2.Genus :ANYSODACTYLUS 2.9.3.Genus: AMARA 2.9.4.Genus: HERPALUS 3.0. Mass rearing of Ground Beetle 3.1. Factor affecting rearing of Ground Beetle. 3.1.1. Predator rearing condition. 3.1.2. Preferred food of Ground Beetle. 3.1.3. The effect of initial body mass on mortality of Ground Beetle. 3.1.4. Effect of 1% Bovine Pancreatic Inhibitor BPTI fed Heliothis armigera on survival of Nebria brevicollis. 3.1.5. Prey consumption and body mass changes of Ground Beetle. 3.1.6. Treated Nebriabrevicollis and its interaction with Platynus dorsalis and Brachynus exploidens 3.1.7.The impact of Gm-laced prey on polyphagous predators. 3.2. Factors affecting the mortality of the different stages of Ground Beetle. 3.2.1. Egg mortality 3.2.2. Larval mortality . 3.2.3. Adult mortality . 3. 3 Reproduction Appendices A. List of Ground Beetles and their prey records. B. World distribution of some of the important genus of Ground Beetle. C. Standard abbreviations D. Glossary of terms used in applied Entomology and biological control E . General bibliography Index

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