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Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers - 1st Edition

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Engineering 9780323242721 Michael Hayes, Dale Edwards, Andy Shah Elsevier 252 Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers - 1st Edition 2015 $ 200.00
Author: Michael Hayes, Dale Edwards, Andy Shah
Description: Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers provides a practical guide to the science of fractography and its application in the failure analysis of plastic components. In addition to a brief background on the theory of fractography, the authors discuss the various fractographic tools and techniques used to identify key fracture characteristics. Case studies are included for a wide range of polymer types, applications, and failure modes, as well as best practice guidelines enabling engineers to apply these lessons to their own work. Detailed images and their appropriate context are presented for reference in failure investigations. This text is vital for engineers who must determine the root causes of failure when it occurs, helping them further study the ramifications of product liability claims, environmental concerns, and brand image
Table of Content: Foreword Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 1.1 Motivations 1.2 What Is Fractography? 1.3 Plastic Material Structure–Property Relationship 1.4 Components of a Failure Investigation References 2. Fractography as a Failure Analysis Tool 2.1 Failure Analysis Fundamentals 2.2 The Scientific Method 2.3 Application of the Scientific Method 2.4 The Role of Fractography in Failure Analysis References 3. Instrumentation and Techniques 3.1 Field or Site Instrumentation and Techniques 3.2 Microscopic Examination of Fracture Surfaces in a Laboratory 3.3 Consideration and Selection of Instruments in Failure Analysis 3.4 Summary 3.5 Regulatory Agencies References 4. Fractography Basics 4.1 Fracture Surface Features and Interpretation 4.2 Brittle Versus Ductile Failures in Polymers 4.3 Crack Path Analysis 4.4 Fracture Features 4.5 Application of Fractography to Failure Analysis References 5. Long-Term Failure Mechanisms in Plastics 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Creep 5.3 SCG/Creep Rupture 5.4 Environmental Stress Cracking 5.5 Aging, Degradation, and Surface Embrittlement 5.6 Summary References 6. Case Studies 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Organization of Case Studies 6.3 Case Study 1: Composite Crossbow 6.4 Case Study 2: Showerhead Bracket 6.5 Case Study 3: Polycarbonate Axle Caps 6.6 Case Study 4: Hot Water Heater Drain Valve 6.7 Case Study 5: PEEK Coupling 6.8 Case Study 6: Icemaker Valve Failure 6.9 Case Study 7: Automotive Part, ABS 6.10 Case Study 8: Seat Belt 6.11 Case Study 9: Automotive Part, PC/ABS 6.12 Case Study 10: CPVC Cover Plate 6.13 Case Study 11: XLPE Storage Tank for Sulfuric Acid Storage 6.14 Case Study 12: Oxidation Failure of HDPE Pipe in Water Service 6.15 Case Study 13: Washing Machine Hose Failure 6.16 Case Study 14: Polyacetal Crimp Fittings 6.17 Case Study 15: PVC Water Main 6.18 Case Study 16: SAN Battery Cases 6.19 Case Study 17: Flame-Retarded Thermoformed PPE–PS 6.20 Case Study 18: 8-in. PVC Pipe 6.21 Case Study 19: Railcar Part, PPE+PS, 20% Glass Filled 6.22 Case Study 20: 48-in. HDPE Pipe 6.23 Case Study 21: HDPE Liner Pipe Used in a High-Pressure Steel Pipeline References 7. Epilogue 7.1 Failure Prevention Index

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