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Gas-Turbine Power Generation - 1st Edition

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
ENERGY STUDIES 9780128040058 Paul Breeze Elsevier 104 Gas-Turbine Power Generation - 1st Edition 2016 $ 49.95
Author: Paul Breeze
Description: Gas-Turbine Power Generation is a concise, up-to-date, and readable guide providing an introduction to gas turbine power generation technology. It includes detailed descriptions of gas fired generation systems, demystifies the functions of gas fired technology, and explores the economic and environmental risk factors Engineers, managers, policymakers and those involved in planning and delivering energy resources will find this reference a valuable guide that will help them establish a reliable power supply as they also account for both social and economic objectives.
Table of Content: Chapter 1. An Introduction to Gas-Fired Power Generation Abstract 1.1 The History of Natural Gas as an Energy Source and for Power Generation 1.2 Global Electricity Production from Natural Gas Chapter 2. The Natural Gas Resource Abstract 2.1 The Composition of Natural Gas 2.2 Natural Gas Reserves 2.3 Natural Gas Trade Chapter 3. Gas-Fired Power Generation Technology Abstract 3.1 Natural Gas-Fired Steam Turbine Power Plants 3.2 Piston Engine-Based Natural Gas Power Units 3.3 Fuel Cells Chapter 4. Gas Turbines Abstract 4.1 The History of the Gas Turbine 4.2 The Gas Turbine Principle 4.3 A Note About Pressure 4.4 Compressors 4.5 Combustion Chambers 4.6 Turbines Chapter 5. Advanced Gas Turbine Design Abstract 5.1 Gas Turbine Materials 5.2 Compressor 5.3 Combustor 5.4 Turbine Components 5.5 Component Coatings 5.6 Thermal Barrier Coatings 5.7 Turbine Blade Cooling 5.8 Advanced Materials Chapter 6. Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles Abstract 6.1 Recuperation 6.2 Reheating 6.3 Intercooling 6.4 Mass Injection 6.5 Cogeneration Chapter 7. Combined Cycle Power Plants Abstract 7.1 Evolution of the Combined Cycle Concept 7.2 The High Efficiency Combined Cycle Power Plant 7.3 Heat Recovery Steam Generators 7.4 Flexible Combined Cycle Power Plants 7.5 Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant Chapter 8. Microturbines Abstract 8.1 Microturbine Technology 8.2 Microturbine Enhancements 8.3 Applications for Microturbines 8.4 Ultra-Micro Gas Turbines Chapter 9. Gas-Fired Power Plants and the Environment Abstract 9.1 Nitrogen Oxide Emissions 9.2 NOx Production Pathways 9.3 Low NOx Burners 9.4 Selective Catalytic Reduction 9.5 Carbon Monoxide 9.6 Carbon Dioxide Chapter 10. The Cost of Electricity Generation from Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants Abstract 10.1 Levelized Cost of Energy Model 10.2 Capital Cost 10.3 Fuel Costs 10.4 The LCOE from a Natural Gas-Fired Power Station

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