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Implementing Digital Forensic Readiness 1st Edition From Reactive to Proactive Process

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Business, Management and Accounting 9780128044544 Jason Sachowski Elsevier 374 Implementing Digital Forensic Readiness 1st Edition From Reactive to Proactive Process 2016 $ 59.95
Author: Jason Sachowski
Description: Implementing Digital Forensic Readiness: From Reactive to Proactive Process shows information security and digital forensic professionals how to increase operational efficiencies by implementing a pro-active approach to digital forensics throughout their organization. It demonstrates how digital forensics aligns strategically within an organization’s business operations and information security’s program. This book illustrates how the proper collection, preservation, and presentation of digital evidence is essential for reducing potential business impact as a result of digital crimes, disputes, and incidents. It also explains how every stage in the digital evidence lifecycle impacts the integrity of data, and how to properly manage digital evidence throughout the entire investigation. Using a digital forensic readiness approach and preparedness as a business goal, the administrative, technical, and physical elements included throughout this book will enhance the relevance and credibility of digital evidence. Learn how to document the available systems and logs as potential digital evidence sources, how gap analysis can be used where digital evidence is not sufficient, and the importance of monitoring data sources in a timely manner. This book offers standard operating procedures to document how an evidence-based presentation should be made, featuring legal resources for reviewing digital evidence.
Table of Content: Section A Digital Forensics Chapter 1 Understanding Digital Forensics Chapter 2 Investigative Process Models Chapter 3 Evidence Management Section B Digital Forensic Readiness Chapter 4 Understanding Forensic Readiness Chapter 5 Define Business Risk Scenarios Chapter 6 Identify Potential Data Sources Chapter 7 Determine Collection Requirements Chapter 8 Establish Legal Admissibility Chapter 9 Establish Secure Storage and Handling Chapter 10 Enable Targeted Monitoring Chapter 11 Map Investigative Workflows Chapter 12 Establish Continuing Education Chapter 13 Maintain Evidence-based Reporting Chapter 14 Ensure Legal Review Chapter 15 Accomplishing Forensic Readiness Section C Appendices Section D Templates

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