GROUNDWATER: Resources Evaluation, Augmentation, Restoration, Modeling and Management 2nd Edition

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 9789381891162 Dr. M. Thangarajan Capital Publishing Company 350 GROUNDWATER: Resources Evaluation, Augmentation, Restoration, Modeling and Management 2nd Edition 2014 Rs. 2495/-
Author: Dr. M. Thangarajan
Description: This book is the outcome of the invited topics from various experts in the field of groundwater resource evaluation, characterization, augmentation, restoration, modeling and management. The first Edition of the book on Groundwater was published in 2007 and it was well received internationally. There was a need for a second edition after 6 years because it was now important to incorporate new chapters on emerging topics such as the characterization of aquifer parameters and flow regime in the Basaltic terrain as well the estimation of evapotranspiration by making use of Complementary relationships rather than the conventional method and estimation of recharge through isotope techniques. These two parameters dealt in the book are most important for the evaluation of the aquifer potential. Achapter has been added on the Impact of Climate change in groundwater and another on the mobility and mitigation aspect of Fluoride and Arsenic in groundwater. Two new chapters have been introduced one on Numerical simulation of weathered coupled fractured aquifer in a hard rock region and another on Modeling of Nuclide migration due to nuclear waste disposal in groundwater.
Table of Content: *GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques: Identification, assessment and development of groundwater resources *Geophysical techniques in identifying potential boreholes and delineation of contaminant zone in subsurface soils. *Augmentation of Groundwater Resources through Aquifer Storgae and Recovery (ASR) Method *Environmental & Stable Isotopes: APotential Tool in Hydrology and Agriculture *Estimation of Evapotranspiration in Diverse Climatic and Physical Conditions using Complementary Relationships *Parameterization of aquifer system *Characterization of Aquifer Parameters and flow regime in a Basaltic Terrain *Environmental impact assessment including evolution of Fluoride and Arsenic contamination process in groundwater and remediation of contaminated groundwater system. *Fluoride and Arsenic in Groundwater: Mobilisation and Mitigation *Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater *Characterization of fracture properties in hard rock aquifer system. *Numerical simulation of weathered coupled fractured aquifer in hard rock region *Modeling Nuclide Migration in Groundwater due to Nuclear waste disposal *Ground-water flow and transport model calibration, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty evaluation, and assessment of prediction data needs. *Groundwater development and management of coastal aquifers (including island aquifer) through monitoring and modeling approaches. *Improved Human Health Risk Characterization for Regions with Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater

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