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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589623 C.R. Murthy, P.C. Sinha and Y.R. Rao Capital Publishing Company 256 MODELLING AND MONITORING OF COASTAL MARINE PROCESSES 2008 Rs. 1495/-
Author: C.R. Murthy, P.C. Sinha and Y.R. Rao
Description: Modelling and monitoring of coastal marine processes is a collection of selected overview articles presented in a series of training workshops conducted over a decade. In this volume the authors reviewed the basic fluid dynamics and physical processes of the coastal marine environment, marine pollution, marine hazards and coastal marine policy and management. The articles are targeted primarily for non-specialists and practicing professionals who do not have extensive background in coastal marine processes. This book can also serve as a reference monograph for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Examples of regional applications in this book illustrate the use of models and techniques.
Table of Content: Coastal Marine Environment : Theory and Measurements * The Coastal Ocean - Y.R.Rao, C.R. Murthy and P.C. Sinha * Introduction to Transport Phenomena - G. Jayaraman * Coastal Marine Diffusion Processes - C.R. Murthy and YR. Rao * Measurement of Currents in the Coastal Oceans - Jim Bull and Y.R. Rao * Remote Sensing Applications to Coastal Oceanography - P.C. Pandey, Raj Kumar, A.K Varrna, A.K. Mathur and Neera Chaturvedi * Modelling of Coastal Marine Pollution * Coastal Transport and Dispersion Modelling - YR. Rao and C.R. Murthy * Modelling Circulation and Salinity in Estuaries - P.C. Sinha, YR. Rao, A.D. Rao and S.K Dube * Modelling and Measuremerat of Sediment Transport in Lakes - Timo Huttula * Coastal Marine Hazards * Storm Surges : Worst Coastal Marine Hazard - S.K. Dube, A.D. Rao, P.C. Sinha and P. Chittbabu * Deterministic Methods for Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Tracks - U.C. Mohanty and Akhilesh Gupta * Risk Analysis for Oil Spillage in Marine Environmert - Manju Mohan * Coastal Marine Policy/Management * National Legislations and International Conventions for Regulation of Coastal Zone Activities - B.R. Subrarnanian * Central Considerations in Initiating, and Operating Programmes in Integrated Coastal Management - Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert W. Knecht * Geographic Information Systems for Integrated Coastal Resource Management - Mohammad Rais * Integrated Coastal Area Management : The Case of India - G. Narayana Swarny

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