NATURAL AND ANTHROPOGENIC DISASTERS Vulnerability, Preparedness and Mitigation

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589666 Madan Kumar Jha Capital Publishing Company 632 NATURAL AND ANTHROPOGENIC DISASTERS Vulnerability, Preparedness and Mitigation 2010 Rs.2895/-
Author: Madan Kumar Jha
Description: The major challenges of the 21st century faced by human beings are how to achieve water security, food security, energy security and environmental security. Owing to enhanced natural/anthropogenic disasters worldwide, these challenges become much more complicated and daunting especially for developing countries. Therefore, it is important to highlight the risk of different disasters as well as the modern tools and techniques for minimizing disaster incidence and losses. Disaster management being highly multidisciplinary in nature, a comprehensive book dealing with different aspects of disaster management, and encompassing important disasters faced by humankind is presently not available. This book is an attempt to fulfill this gap. It provides clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date information about different facets of disaster management along with salient case studies. The book highlights the current status of disaster management focusing on developing nations, discusses vital issues such as climate change and sustainable development, modern approaches and tools/techniques, and the challenges of and future R&D needs for sustainable disaster management.
Table of Content: Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters: An Overview * Earthquakes in India: Hazards, Genesis and Mitigation Measures * Impact of 2004 Tsunami on Housing, Sanitation, Water Supply and Wastes Management : The Case of Arnpara District in Sri Lanka * Impact of December 2004 Tsunami on Indian Coasts and Mitigation Measures* Tsunami Impacts and Rehabilitation of Groundwater Supply : Lessons Learned from Eastern Sri Lanka * Tsunami Early Warning System : An Indian Ocean Perspective * Flood Hazards in India and Management Strategies * Modeling for Flood Control and Management * Real-time Flood Forecasting by a Hydrometric Data-basedTechnique * Drought Hazards and Mitigation Measures * Indicators for Assessing Drought Hazard in Arid Regions of India * Tropical Cyclones : Trends, Forecasting and Mitigation * Temperature Extremes over India and their Relationship with El Milo-Southern Oscillation * Monitoring Physiographic Rainfall Variation for Sustainable Management of Water Bodies in India * Emerging Tools and Techniques for Mine Safety and Disaster Management * Management of Forest Fire Disaster: Perspectives from Swaziland * Climate Change and Water Resources in India : Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies * Global Climate Change vis-a-vis Crop Productivity * Adapting Smallholder Dairy Production System to Climate Change * Climate Change - Proof Disaster Risk Reduction : Prospects and Challenges for Developing Countries * Potential of Geospatial Technologies for Mitigating Land and Water Related Disasters * Decision Support System : Concept and Potential fin Integrated Water Resources Management * Sustainable Forest Management : Key to Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation * Participatory Information Management for Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction * Cyclone Emergency Preparedness in DAE Coastal Installations, India * Sustainable Management of Disasters : Challenges and Prospects Index

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