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Threat Forecasting - 1st Edition

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Business, Management and Accounting 9780128000069 John Pirc, David DeSanto, Iain Davison, Will Gragido Elsevier 188 Threat Forecasting - 1st Edition 2016 $ 49.95
Author: John Pirc, David DeSanto, Iain Davison, Will Gragido
Description: Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples and illustrative case studies, Threat Forecasting: Leveraging Big Data for Predictive Analysis discusses important topics, including the danger of using historic data as the basis for predicting future breaches, how to use security intelligence as a tool to develop threat forecasting techniques, and how to use threat data visualization techniques and threat simulation tools. Readers will gain valuable security insights into unstructured big data, along with tactics on how to use the data to their advantage to reduce risk.
Table of Content: About The Authors Foreword Why Threat Forecasting is Relevant What You Will Learn and How You Will Benefit Preface Book Organization and Structure Closing Thoughts Acknowledgments 1: Navigating Today’s Threat Landscape Abstract Introduction Why Threat Forecasting Going Beyond Historical Threat Reporting The State of Regulatory Compliance Best Practices, Standards, and Frameworks Today’s Information Assurance Needs 2: Threat Forecasting Abstract Synopsis Introduction Summary 3: Security Intelligence Abstract Synopsis Introduction Summary 4: Identifying Knowledge Elements Abstract Synopsis Introduction Defining Knowledge Elements Types of Knowledge Elements Publicly Defined Knowledge Elements Summary 5: Knowledge Sharing and Community Support Abstract Synopsis Introduction Sharing Knowledge Elements Community Sharing Commercial Offerings Staying Ahead of the Adversary Summary 6: Data Visualization Abstract Synopsis Introduction Summary 7: Data Simulation Abstract Synopsis Introduction Summary 8: Kill Chain Modeling Abstract Synopsis Introduction Summary 9: Connecting the Dots Abstract Synopsis Introduction Historical Threat Reporting State of the Security Industry Leveraging New and Existing Tools Real World Examples Applying Threat Forecasting Techniques Summary 10: The Road Ahead Abstract Synopsis John Pirc David DeSanto Iain Davison Will Gragido Summary Index

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