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Digital Forensics Trial Graphics - 1st Edition

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Business, Management and Accounting 9780128034835 John Sammons, Lars Daniel Elsevier 108 Digital Forensics Trial Graphics - 1st Edition 2017 $ 69.95
Author: John Sammons, Lars Daniel
Description: Digital Forensics Trial Graphics: Teaching the Jury Through Effective Use of Visuals helps digital forensic practitioners explain complex technical material to laypeople (i.e., juries, judges, etc.). The book includes professional quality illustrations of technology that help anyone understand the complex concepts behind the science. Users will find invaluable information on theory and best practices along with guidance on how to design and deliver successful explanations.
Table of Content: Chapter One. Introduction Chapter Two. But I Am Not an Artist Introduction Expertise Into Illustration Get to the Point Building Blocks Summary Chapter Three. Principles of Graphic Design: The Basics Introduction Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity Contrast Summary Chapter Four. Slide Design: Best Practices Introduction Commit the Time to Planning and Preparing Your Slides and Slide Deck Practice Simplicity Leverage the Power of Visuals Use the Right Chart Use Color Appropriately Limit the Number of Fonts Conclusion Chapter Five. Presenting for Comprehension Introduction How Learning Works Target Audience: The Judge and Jury The Learning Environment: Courtroom Versus Classroom Explanations Expert as Teacher The Expert Witness as Filter Curse of Knowledge Conclusion Chapter Six. Putting It All Together Introduction Example Graphics With Explanation Case Example: Complex Technical Explanation Summary Chapter Seven. Preparing Graphics for Production Introduction Understanding Limitations Quick Guide to Preparing Graphics Summary Appendix A. Resources for Better Presentations

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