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Management of Marine Plastic Debris - 1st Edition

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Engineering 9780323443548 Michael Niaounakis Elsevier 436 Management of Marine Plastic Debris - 1st Edition 2017 $ 250.00
Author: Michael Niaounakis
Description: Management of Marine Plastic Debris gives a thorough and detailed presentation of the global problem of marine plastics debris, covering every aspect of its management from tracking, collecting, treating and commercial exploitation for handing this anthropogenic waste. The book is a unique, essential source of information on current and future technologies aimed at reducing the impact of plastics waste in the oceans. This is a practical book designed to enable engineers to tackle this problem—both in stopping plastics from getting into the ocean in the first place, as well as providing viable options for the reuse and recycling of plastics debris once it has been recovered. The book is essential reading not only for materials scientists and engineers, but also other scientists involved in this area seeking to know more about the impact of marine plastics debris on the environment, the mechanisms by which plastics degrade in water and potential solutions. While much research has been undertaken into the different approaches to the increasing problem of plastics marine debris, this is the first book to present, evaluate and compare all of the available techniques and practices, and then make suggestions for future developments. The book also includes a detailed discussion of the regulatory environment, including international conventions and standards and national policies.
Table of Content: 1. The Problem of Marine Plastic Debris 2. Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts 3. Degradation of Plastics in the Marine Environment 4. Assessment 5. Treatments and uses 6. Prevention and Mitigation 7. Regulatory Framework

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