NATURAL AND MAN-MADE DISASTERS : Assessment and Management

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 9789381891100 R.Nagarajan Capital Publishing Company 440 NATURAL AND MAN-MADE DISASTERS : Assessment and Management 2014 Rs. 1995/-
Author: R.Nagarajan
Description: The aim of this book is to bring out awareness about the various disasters and preparedness of multi-hazards. The content of the disseminated information and accuracy in addition to knowledge become the constraints in minimizing the fatalities. Irrespective of the origin of disaster, damages inflicted onto the human and environments are on the rise. It is necessary that individual residents realize the probability of multi-disaster potential, historical events, damages and casualties, fundamentals of disasters, indications of their formation, classification and intensity, monitoring methods, technologies and their constraints and transmission of information, before, during and after the event indicators, potential and reported impacts of the events, vulnerable areas and capacity of people to withstand, existing and required preparedness on a spatial mode, management practices that could be improved etc. in tackling the situation.
Table of Content: Hazards and Disaster vVolcanoes vEarthquake vSea Waves and Tsunami vAtmosphere and Cyclone vFlooding vDrought vLandslide and Slope Stability vSnow Avalanche and Glacier vLand Degradation, Desertification and Forest Fire vMarine Environment and Oil Spill vMan-Made Disasters

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