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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 9789381891292 Goel Sudha Capital Publishing Company 400 ADVANCES IN SOLID AND HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT 2017 Rs. 2495/-
Author: Goel Sudha
Description: The book provides a large number of examples and case studies of innovative applications and tools in the growing area of research and development in waste management. The book discusses solid waste management which now includes not just municipal waste but also nuclear waste, electronic waste, waste from thermal power plants, and industrial hazardous waste. Each of these wastes has been addressed in separate sections and individual chapters have been written by practicing experts in their respective fields of specialization in the hope that readers will be able to understand and apply these principles and practices in their own endeavours.
Table of Content: * OVERVIEW * REGULATIONS * MUNICIPALSOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT(MSWM)* Municipal solid waste generation: present status and future directions * Willingness-to-pay for MSW services: an econometric approach * Applications of linear optimization to MSWM * Applications of remote sensing and GIS to MSWM * RADIOACTIVE WASTE * Radioactive waste generation and management * Damage assessment in rocks with reference to nuclear waste repositories * Radiation Hazard Modelling in Jaduguda * Applications of RS and GIS for environmental modelling * HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT * Hazardous waste generation and management * Contaminated sites or brownfields and their remediation * Bioremediation of contaminated sites * Groundwater pollution source identification * MANAGEMENTOF COALCOMBUSTION RESIDUE (CCR) * Ash generation and management * Characterization and hazard assessment of ash from thermal power plants * Radioactivity from thermal power plant ash * E-WASTE MANAGEMENT* E-waste generation and management * The economics of e-waste management * BIOMEDICALWASTE MANAGEMENT* Biomedical waste generation and management

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