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Everyday Applied Geophysics 1 - 1st Edition

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
Earth and Planetary Sciences 9781785481994 Nicolas Florsch, Frederic Muhlach Elsevier 202 Everyday Applied Geophysics 1 - 1st Edition 2018 $ 100.00
Author: Nicolas Florsch, Frederic Muhlach
Description: Everyday Applied Geophysics 1 covers the physical methods permitting the environmental exploration of the sub-surface in 1, 2, 3 or 4 dimensions (the last is for time-lapse in terms of physical environmental state and geometry). The ground is transparent to electrical currents, electromagnetic induction, magnetic fields and seismic (acoustic) waves. All extend our senses by using the propagation of these phenomena through underground materials. The book specifically addresses the methods feasible, accessible and affordable to all users, and provides simple apparatus electronic diagrams. The book also features open-source and free software links for data interpretation.
Table of Content: 1. Introduction and General Points 2. Direct Current Electrical Methods 3. The Spontaneous Polarization Method 4. The Induced Polarization (IP) Method 5. Equipment 6. An Acquisition System Designed for the Electrical Prospection of Soil

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