COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS: Focus on Asian Regions

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589529 Dr. V. Subramanian Capital Publishing Company 262 COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS: Focus on Asian Regions 2012 Rs. 1395/-
Author: Dr. V. Subramanian
Description: This book deals with the major issues being faced by the coastal population in Asia with emphasis on natural and man-made hazards, climate change impact and pressures caused by mega cities along Asian Coasts. The edited book contains chapters authored by experts who are well known in their own fields of specialization relevant to coastal processes. Emphasis has been given to almost all regions of Asian Coast although coverage for south and south eastern regions of Asia is rather strong. Each chapter has been peer reviewed and revised before acceptance. In this book practical suggestions to mitigate problems in sustainable management of coastal regions are also discussed. The book will be useful for students, researchers in physical and social science, policy makers and climate change specialists
Table of Content: *Coastal Environment of Asia *Climate Change of Potential Impacts in Tropical Asia *Status of Oil Pollution in the Arabian Gulf and Shatt Al-Arab Estuary: AReview *Diatom Species Composition and Seasonal Abundance in a Polluted and Non-polluted Environment from Coast of Pakistan *AReview on Nutrient Pollution of Coastal Aquifers of Sri Lanka *Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments at Ship Breaking Area of Bangladesh *Hydro-Meteorological Impact on Residual Currents and Salinity Distribution at the Meghna Estuary of Bangladesh *Soil Erosion and Heavy Metal Contamination in the Middle Part of the Songkhla Lake Coastal Area, Southern Thailand *Comparative Studies of Concentrations of Cu and Zn in the Surface Intertidal Sediments Collected from East, South and West Coasts of Peninsular Malaysia *Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Animals Collected from Coastal Waters of Gresik, Indonesia *Hydrodynamic and Transport Model of the Siak Estuary *Net Phytoplankton Community Structure and Its Biomass Dynamics in the Brantas River Estuary, Java, Indonesia *Valuing Rural Piped Water Services in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Case Study at Phuoc Vinh Dong Commune *Coastal Sand Dunes – Vegetation Structure, Diversity and Disturbance in Nallavadu Village, Puducherry, India *Marine Drugs Development and Social Implication *Phnom Penh Sewer Modelling and Contaminant Load Estimates

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