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Past Glacial Environments - 2nd Edition

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Earth and Planetary Sciences 9780081005248 John Menzies, Jaap van der Meer Elsevier 858 Past Glacial Environments - 2nd Edition 2018 $ 141.00
Author: John Menzies, Jaap van der Meer
Description: Past Glacial Environments, Second Edition, presents a revised and updated version of the very successful first edition of Menzies book, covering a breadth of topics with a focus on the recognition and analysis of former glacial environments, including the pre-Quaternary glaciations. The book is made up of chapters written by various geological experts from across the world, with the editors expertise and experience bringing the chapters together. This new and updated volume includes at least 45% new material, along with five new chapters that include a section on techniques and methods. Additionally, this new edition is presented in full color and features a large collection of photographs, line diagrams, and tables with examples of glacial environments and landscapes that are drawn from a worldwide perspective. Informative knowledge boxes and case studies are included, helping users better understand critical issues and ideas.
Table of Content: 1. Introduction Part I The Pre-Quaternary 2. Pre-Cambrian Glaciations and Chronology 3. Ordovician & Permo-Carboniferous Glaciations and Chronology Part II The Quaternary 4. Quaternary Glaciations and Chronology Part III Glacial processes 5. Subglacial Processes 6. Supraglacial Processes 7. Proglacial Processes 8. Glaciomarine Environments 9. Glacioaeolian Environments 10. Glaciolacustrine Environments 11. Glaciovolcanism 12. Glacial Stratigraphy and Lithofacies 13. Micromorphology and microtomography 14. Glaciohydrogeology 15. Glaciotectonics 16. GIS and the Glacial Environments 17. Periglacial Processes in Glacial Environments 18. Climate Change and Sea Level Part IV Techniques and Methods 19. Palaeosols 20. Ice Sheet and Glacier Modelling 21. Geochronology 22. Geotechnical aspects of glacial sediments 23. Drift Prospecting in Glaciated terrains Part V 24. Problems and Perspectives

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