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Agroecology: The Universal Equations 1st Edition

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
Agricultural and Biological Sciences 9781498745024 Paul Wojtkowski CRC 271 Agroecology: The Universal Equations 1st Edition 2016 £ 68.99
Author: Paul Wojtkowski
Description: Agroecology theory is not endless. A point is reached where the central elements become visible, equations distill, and a conceptual apex is reached. This is agroecology condensed into core concepts and theorems describing how crops relate to each other, the land, and their surroundings. This book covers advanced agroecology, including agroecological theory as well as applications of biodiversity that underwrite agroecology. Since much of agroecology theory is new, the resulting algorithms are equally novel, though presented so as to be useful and appreciated by less mathematically inclined professionals.
Table of Content: Introduction. Core Concepts. Economic Underpinnings. Plot Ecology. Production Functions. The Intercrop. The Agroecological Matrix. A Comprehensive Algorithm. Temporal Agroecosystems. Risk Assessment. Complex Agroecosystems. Landscape Agroecology. Conclusion.

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