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Corrosion Protection of Metals

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Materials Science 9781498706926 Pravin P. Deshpande, Dimitra Sazou CRC 198 Corrosion Protection of Metals 2016 £ 120.00
Author: Pravin P. Deshpande, Dimitra Sazou
Description: The use of conducting polymers for the anticorrosion protection of metals has attracted great interest during the last 30 years. The design and development of conducting polymers-based coating systems with commercial viability is expected to be advanced by applying nanotechnology and has received substantial attention recently. This book begins with corrosion fundamentals and ends with an emphasis on developments made in conducting polymer science and technology using nanotechnology. Additionally, it gives a detailed account of experimental methods of corrosion testing.
Table of Content: This book explains how with careful planning and design, the functions and performance of constructed wetlands can provide a huge range of benefits to humans and the environment. It documents the current designs and specifications for free water surface wetlands, horizontal and vertical subsurface flow wetlands, hybrid wetlands and bio retention basins; and explores how to plan, engineer, design and monitor these natural systems. Sections address resource management (landscape planning), technical issues (environmental engineering and botany), recreation and physical design (landscape architecture), and biological systems (ecology). Site and municipal scale strategies for flood management, storm-water treatment and green infrastructure are illustrated with case studies from the USA, Europe and China, which show how these principles have been put into practice. Written for upper level students and practitioners, this highly illustrated book provides designers with the tools they need to ensure constructed wetlands are sustainably created and well manage An Overview of Recent Developments in Coating Anticorrosion Technology Based on Conducting Polymers Introduction Conducting Polymers Corrosion of Metals and Its Prevention Corrosion Protection by CPs References Principles of Electrochemical Corrosion Introduction Electrode Reactions and Equilibrium Potential Metal Dissolution, Charge Transfer, and Mass Transport Electric Double Layer Electrode Kinetics, Polarization, and Mixed Potential Theory Exchange Current Denssity and Its Significance Causes of Polarization References Corrosion Prevention Mechanisms Introduction Active Electronic Barrier at the Metallic Surface Barrier Protection Self-Healing Anodic Protection Controlled Inhibitor Release Cathodic Protection Dislocation of Oxygen Reduction Corrosion Inhibition Krstajics Model Reduction–Oxidation Iron Diffusion Inhibition Polyaniline as a Bipolar Film Synergistic Effect References Preparation of Protective Coatings Based on Conducting Polymers Introduction Basics of CP Synthesis and Polymerization Mechanism CP-Based Protective Coatings References Characterization of Anticorrosion Properties Introduction Basics of Corrosion Rate Measurements Weight Loss Measurements Direct Current (DC) Electrochemical Methods Open Circuit Potential ( Half Cell Potential Measurments, E oc ) Polarization Techniques Tafel Extrapolation Potentiodynamic Measurements Cyclic Polarization Linear Polarization Resistance Alternating Current (AC) Electrochemical Method: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Theory Experiment and Data Analysis Zero-Resistance Ammetry References Strategies for Improving the Protective Efficiency of Coatings Based on Conducting Polymers Introduction Problems Encountered When Using Conducting Polymers in Anticorrosion Technology CP Coatings with Improved Protective Properties Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic CP Coatings References Outlook

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