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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 9789381891032 Swapna Mukherjee Capital Publishing Company 356 THE SCIENCE OF CLAYS 2013 Rs.1595/-
Author: Swapna Mukherjee
Description: This book is an attempt to provide a comprehensive and coherent description of three widely seperated aspects of clays; the science of clays; the industrial uses of clays; and the role of clays in the environment. Most of the existing literature lacks such an integrated study and this work endeavours to fill that gap. An exhaustive account of the science of clays is presented in Part I of the book, which includes the classification, origin and evolution, composition and internal structure, chemical and physical properties of clays; soil mechanics; and analytical techniques for determining clay constituents. Part II provides a comprehensive description of the application of clays and their derivatives in various industries, while Part III describes the role of clays in the environment; the pollution caused by clay minerals; and the application of clays in order to prevent environmental hazards. A principal feature of the book is its explanation of how the structure and composition of particular clay types facilitate their specific industrial or environmental applications, thus describing the interrelationship between three widely varying aspects of clay. Anumber of thought-provoking questions are raised at the end of the work in order to leave readers with a better insight in this regard.
Table of Content: * Part I - Their Formation, Constituents and Properties * Clays and their constituents - definitions and a brief overview * Classification and composition of clay constituents * Internal structure of clay minerals * Chemical properties of clay and thermodynamic aspects * Physical properties of clay and soil mechanics * Analytical techniques for clay studies * Part II - Industrial Uses of Clays and Algilloids * Clays : Industrial applications and their determinants * Traditional and modern uses of ceramics, glass and refractories * Clays for medicines and fillers * Soil conditioner and fertilizer industry * Use of clays as drilling fluids and filters * Clays and associated materials in surface coating and pigments * Clays and associated minerals in cement and plasters * Clays and associated minerals in battery industry * Insulators using clays * Part III - Clays in the Environment * Benificial and hazardous aspects of clays in nature : A brief overview * Clays as neutralizers against environmental protection * Environmental degradations during clay mining and benificiation * Environmental impacts of clay-related industries * Recycling of industrial waste products * Uses of clays in waste management : Toxic and Non-Toxic

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