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AGRONOMY 8120416317 Dr A. Mujib, Dr. Myeong-Je Cho, Dr. S. Predieri Bologna and Dr. S. Banerjee Oxford & IBH 338 IN VITRO APPLICATION IN CROP IMPROVEMENT 2004 Rs. 1195/-
Author: Dr A. Mujib, Dr. Myeong-Je Cho, Dr. S. Predieri Bologna and Dr. S. Banerjee
Description: In recent years, several non-conventional breeding methods have been used successfully to improve crop plants. This edited volume reviews the current status and trends in research of different field crops. Individual chapters cover anther and microscope culture, protoplast culture and fusion somaclonal variation and induced mutations in relation to crop improvement. Afew chapters describe technologies such as Agrobacterium mediated and particle bombardment genetic transformation. Additional chapters deal with the important aspects of gene stability in transgenics and disease resistance genes for improved yield. This book also contains well-thought out discussions on GM food production.
Table of Content: •Production of Barley Doubled Haploids by Anther and Microspore Culture •In vitro Techniques and Physical Mutagens for the Improvement of Fruit Crops •Genetics Related to Doubled Haploid Induction in vitro •Stability of Novel Gene Expression In Transgenic Conifers: An Issue of Concern? •Generation of Transgenic Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostic Palustris Huds.) Plants from Mature seed-derived Highly Regenerative Tissues •Chromosomal and Molecular Analysis of Somaclonal Variation in Certain Album Species •Regeneration and Characterization of Citrus Somatic Hybrids Derived from Asymmetric Somatic Hybridization •Microspore and Anther Culture Improvements for Wheat Breeding •In vitro Plant Regeneration and Preliminary Studies on Agrobactenum-mediated Genetic Transformation of Mungbean •Induced Mutations and Biotechnology in Improving Crops •Current Strategies in Molecular Breeding to Increase Food Production •Genetic Engineering to Develop Resistance against Potato Virus Y •Direct DNA Transfer Using Particle Gun Bombardment- A Potential Tool for Crop Improvement Comparative Assessment of Somatic Embryogenesis and Plantlet Regeneration Potential in Salt tolerant and Salt- susceptible indica Varieties •In vitro Variability in Tissue Culture; A Fresh Look •Tissue Culture Studies in Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik) •Development of Transgenic Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) •Engineering Defense Responses in Crops for Improvement and Yield: Recent Advancements in vitro GeneTransfer Technology

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