Recent Advances in Mineral development and Environmental Issues

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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 9789381891278 Madhumita Das, P.P. Singh, H.K. Sahoo, B.K. Mohapatra and B.M. Faruque Capital Publishing Company 356 Recent Advances in Mineral development and Environmental Issues 2015 Rs. 2295/-
Author: Madhumita Das, P.P. Singh, H.K. Sahoo, B.K. Mohapatra and B.M. Faruque
Description: The demand for mineral resources has grown exponentially high to keep pace with the industrial growth. Added to this, paradoxically, the existing mineral resources are in general located in forest and environmentally sensitive areas. This kind of a virtual impasse calls for search for newer mineral deposits and an evolved technology to protect the environment for a sustainable development. Mining activities today are on the cross roads because of the environmental degradation and subsequent hue and cry by the concerned public. This book, the outcome of an international seminar, focusses on the status of major mineral activities and their environmental consequences. Written in lucid style, the book combines authentic field observations with insightful laboratory investigations. The papers cover the entire spectrum of remote sensing, economic geology, mineral characterisation, petrology, structural geology, tectonics, fossil fuel, water resources and various environmental challenges. It will be an invaluable source of reference for academicians, research scholars, scientists and policy makers.
Table of Content: * Mineral Development and Environmental Challanges: The Geoscience Interface * Stratigraphic Significance of the Kuturia Boulder Bed in Talcher Gondwana Basin * Evaluation of Unconventional Gas Recovery from the Kailashtila Gas Field, Bangladesh * Characteristics of Mangcrete-A Reworked Low Grade Manganese Ore in Iron Ore Group of Rocks, Jamda-Koira Valley, Odisha * Sagasahi Iron Ore Deposit: Petrographic and Chemical Signatures * Coastal Geodynamics of Puri-Balighai Sector, Puri District, Odisha * Polyphase Deformation and Growth of Porphyroblasts in Metapelites of Lohit Valley of Arunachal Himalaya, NE India * Hydrocarbon Potential and Thermal Maturity of Coal Deposits of the Pynursla Coalfield, East Khasi Hills Districts, Meghalaya * Status of Mineral Sand Resources of Bangladesh: Prospect and Challenges for Its Development * Geochemical Characterization of Groundwater of Some Parts of Mahanadi River Basin, Cuttack District, Odisha, India * Chromite Deposits of Sukinda Ultramafic Belt, Odisha-A Genesis Perspective * Sulphide and Sulfarsenide Minerals Associated with Chromiferous Ultramafic Complex of Sukinda Valley, Odisha * Petrology of Kaliahata Igneous Complex * Morphological Variations of Sandbars in River Ganga around Patna City Using Multi-temporal Satellite Imagery Techniques * Hydrogeological Studies and Groundwater Resource Assessment in Kuchinda-Barma Area of Sambalpur District, Odisha * Hydrogeochemical Evaluation and Groundwater Pollution Studies in Parts of Sukinda Mining Area in Jajpur District of Odisha * Elevated Sea Surface Temperature Induced Coral Bleaching in the Gulf of Mannar, East Coast of India * Geochemistry of Bauxite from Kashipur Block, Raygada District, Odisha * Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Ghasipura Area, Keonjhar District, Odisha, India * Application of Seismic Geomorphology in Hydrocarbon Exploration: Examples from Various Sedimentary Basins of the World with Special Focus to Krishna-Godavari Basin, Eastern Offshore, India * Identification and Characterization of Submarine Mud Volcano: ACase Study from Deepwater Offshore, East Coast of India * Statistical Modelling of Geochemical Data of Ruby (Corundum) Bearing Rocks from South India and Its Crustal Implications * Investigation of Provenance, Tectonic Setting and Paleoclimate of Miocene Sandstones from the Surma Basin, Bangladesh: Revisited * Coalesced Time-transgressive Kolhans from the Chaibasa-Noamundi Basin: Implications on Accommodation Space-process Response Sedimentation and Graben Tectonics * 3D Bathymetric Mapping Using Indian Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study from Sundarban Delta, West Bengal * Sediment-Fluid Flow Path and Interaction: A2D Model from Nizampatnam Bay, K-G Basin, Andhra Pradesh.

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