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Culture Matters: Decision-Making in Global Virtual Teams 1st Edition

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Business, Management and Accounting 9781482240160 Norhayati Zakaria CRC 232 Culture Matters: Decision-Making in Global Virtual Teams 1st Edition 2017 £51.99
Author: Norhayati Zakaria
Description: Global virtual teams (GVTs) have evolved as a common work structure in multinational corporations due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The cultural differences can produce great benefits in terms of perspective, creativity, and innovation, but can also exacerbate interpersonal tensions, miscommunications, and clashing decision-making behaviors. This book outlines cultural competencies specific to GVTs and sheds light on management strategies for creating an optimal inter-cultural GVT environment. It covers theory, decision making strategies, and activities for cultural competence and problem resolution, all told through vignettes and lessons-learned.
Table of Content: GLOBAL VIRTUAL TEAMS. Anywhere, Anytime and with Anyone--Virtual Work Place. What is Global Virtual Teams? Characteristics and Element of Global Virtual Teams. CULTURE AND ITS MEANING. Cultural Definition and Distinctive Layers of Culture. Edward Hall: High Context vs. Low Context Intercultural Communication. Fons-Trompenaars: Seven Cultural Dimensions. DECISION MAKING PROCESS and ACTIVITIES. Problem Identification. Proposal Making. Responses and Deliberation. Solution. CULTURAL INFLUENCE ON DECISION MAKING. Specific vs. Neutral Communication Styles. Time Rigidness vs. Time Flexibility. Individualism vs. Communitarianism. Task vs. Relationship Oriented. STRATEGIES AND COMPETENCIES FOR MANAGING GLOBAL VIRTUAL TEAMS. What Managers Should Know about Working Together at a Distance. Why Need Cross-Cultural Competencies for Global Leaders. How to Manage GVTs--Dos and Donts for Culture and Decision Making. IN A NUTSHELL. Cultural Matters! Globally Distributed Collaboration.

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