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Geologic Fundamentals of Geothermal Energy

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ENERGY STUDIES 9781498708777 David R. Boden CRC 399 Geologic Fundamentals of Geothermal Energy 2017 £115.00
Author: David R. Boden
Description: Geothermal energy stands out because it can be used as a baseload resource. This book, unlike others, examines the geology related to geothermal applications. Geology dictates (a) how geothermal resources can be found, (b) the nature of the geothermal resource (such as liquid- or vapor-dominated) and (c) how the resource might be developed ultimately (such as flash or binary geothermal plants). The compilation and distillation of geological elements of geothermal systems into a single reference fills a notable gap.
Table of Content: Introduction. Classification and uses of geothermal systems. Geology and heat architecture of earths interior. Fundamental geologic elements of geothermal systems. Subsurface flow of geothermal fluids. Physical and chemical characteristics of geothermal systems. Geologic settings and case studies of geothermal systems. Exploration and discovery of geothermal systems. Environmental considerations of geothermal operations. Geothermal systems and mineral deposits. New generation geothermal systems. The future of geothermal energy.

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