Capital Books Pvt. Ltd. Educating the World
ISBN no. Author Title Year Price Subject
9780128012925 Aubrey Fine Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy 4th Edition 2015 $ 69.95 Psychology
9781138682580 Katherine Melcher, Barry Stiefel, Kristin Faurest Community-Built: Art, Construction, Preservation, and Place 1st Edition 2017 £44.99 Psychology
9783319322391 Susan Dodds, Rachel A. Ankeny Big Picture Bioethics: Developing Democratic Policy in Contested Domains 2017 € 99,99 Psychology
9780128117750 Petros Ligoxygakis Insect Immunity, Volume 52 - 1st Edition 2017 $ 166 Psychology
9780128113233 Michelle M. Martel Developmental Pathways to Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders 2018 $ 79.95 Psychology
9780470019023 Kevin D. Browne (Editor), Anthony R. Beech (Editor), Leam A. Craig (Editor), Shihning Chou (Editor) Assessments in Forensic Practice: A Handbook 2017 $ 49.95 Psychology

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