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Mechanical Engineering
ISBN no. Author Title Year Price Subject
9781138749115 D. Yogi Goswami, Frank Kreith Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Handbook 2nd Edition 2016 £ 95.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781466598980 Bijay Sultanian Fluid Mechanics: An Intermediate Approach 2016 £ 115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138893443 Hamid Asgari, XiaoQi Chen Gas Turbines Modeling, Simulation, and Control: Using Artificial Neural Networks 1st Edition 2016 £ 60.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138852327 Gina Barney, Lutfi Al-Sharif Elevator Traffic Handbook: Theory and Practice 2nd Edition 2016 £ 110.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781482259803 Suneel Deambi Photovoltaic System Design: Procedures, Tools and Applications 1st Edition 2016 £ 80.99 Mechanical Engineering
9781482226317 Jian Kang, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp Soundscape and the Built Environment 1st Edition 2016 £ 115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138036000 Yeping Wang, Shiquan Zhou Advances in Energy, Environment and Materials Science: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2016), July 29-31, 2016, Singapore 2017 £ 115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138196681 Aragona Patty, Zhou Peijiang Advances in Materials Sciences, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Materials Science, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering, MSETEE 2016, Zhuhai, China, May 28-29, 2016 2017 £ 180.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498744515 Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay Mathur, Surekha Tetali, Aviruch Bhatia Building Energy Simulation: A Workbook Using DesignBuilder™ 1st Edition 2017 £82.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498733526 Maksym Spiryagin, Peter Wolfs, Colin Cole, Valentyn Spiryagin, Yan Quan Sun, Tim McSweeney Design and Simulation of Heavy Haul Locomotives and Trains 1st Edition 2017 £105.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498705509 Alaa A. Olama District Cooling: Theory and Practice 1st Edition 2017 £105.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781482258332 Moncef Krarti Energy-Efficient Electrical Systems for Buildings 1st Edition 2017 £105.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138674479 Mike Tooley Engineering Technologies: Level 2 1st Edition 2017 £25.99 Mechanical Engineering
9781482230437 Florin Bobaru, John T. Foster, Philippe H Geubelle, Stewart A. Silling Handbook of Peridynamic Modeling 1st Edition 2017 £135.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498754903 Ctirad Uher Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity 2017 £120.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498701006 Efstathios Michaelides, Clayton T. Crowe, John D. Schwarzkopf Multiphase Flow Handbook 2nd Edition 2017 £240.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498798488 Clarence W. de Silva Modeling of Dynamic Systems with Engineering Applications 2018 £114.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498751483 Robert E. Masterson Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics 2018 £114.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138306905 David A. Bies, Colin Hansen, Carl Howard Engineering Noise Control 5th Edition 2018 £119.99 Mechanical Engineering
9781138748231 Michael D. McNeese, Peter Kent Forster Cognitive Systems Engineering: An Integrative Living Laboratory Framework 2018 £50.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781472430496 Philip J. Smith, Robert R. Hoffman Cognitive Systems Engineering: The Future for a Changing World 2018 £115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138500587 Tom Denton Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems 2nd Edition 2018 £69.99 Mechanical Engineering
9781482262797 Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan Wave Propagation in Materials and Structures 1st Edition 2017 £115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781482260434 Heinrich Kuttruff Room Acoustics 6th Edition 2017 £115.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781498768412 Kalyan Annamalai, Ishwar K. Puri, Milind A. Jog Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering 2nd Edition 2011 Rs. 2730 Mechanical Engineering
9781498782920 Adrian Bejan Entropy Generation Minimization: The Method of Thermodynamic Optimization of Finite-Size Systems and Finite-Time Processes 1995 Rs. 970/- Mechanical Engineering
9780824798444 Joseph Datsko Materials Selection for Design and Manufacturing: Theory and Practice 2nd Edition 1997 Rs. 980/- Mechanical Engineering
9781138201316 Tom Denton Alternative Fuel Vehicles 2018 £ 29.99 Mechanical Engineering
9781138579323 Greg F. Naterer Advanced Heat Transfer 2nd Edition 2018 £ 125.00 Mechanical Engineering
9780128161333 Joshua Pelleg Basic Compounds for Superalloys - 1st Edition 2018 $ 220.00 Mechanical Engineering
9780128129845 Silvio Simani, Saverio Farsoni Fault Diagnosis and Sustainable Control of Wind Turbines - 1st Edition 2018 $ 128.00 Mechanical Engineering
9781138735897 Steven G. Penoncello Thermal Energy Systems: Design and Analysis, Second Edition 2018 £130.00 Mechanical Engineering
9780128129760 Danilo Comminiello, Jose Principe Adaptive Learning Methods for Nonlinear System Modeling - 1st Edition 2018 $ 160.00 Mechanical Engineering

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